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how high?

so high that they can reach your thighs!! yes, ma’am. thigh high boots are hot, hot, hot and here are a few of my faves that i’ve run across recently.

gianmarcocollectorfound at far fetch

bcbgcopyfound at bcbg

jeffcampmikafound at karmaloop

balmainfound at balmain

jeffcampgashedluv luv luv!!! found at nasty gal

rickowensthighhighfound at far fetch

and okay, so this isn’t a thigh high boot… it’s not a boot at all, but daaaaaang, they’re hot!! just love ‘em. and i told you all my attention span is super short and my mind is all over the place so with that said…

pierrelaceupwedgefound at far fetch yeah-er!!!


leggings for days

the great debate…are leggings pants? why of course they are!! i don’t care what anyone says, i love my leggings and yes, i wear them as pants because how the heck else are you supposed to wear them? my rule of thumb when it comes to style and fashion and how you so choose to dress your bod…do you. if you’re comfortable in it then that’s all that really matters. i mean, you might become the butt of someone’s joke on twitter/facebook/instagram if the masses feel you’ve got it all wrong, but hey, yolo.

black milk has a slick assortment of leggings to choose from so go ‘head, catch the Christmas dream wishlist wave.

GalaxyPurpleLegs-Joss_1-WEB_1024x1024purple galaxy

JellyfishPinkLegs_02_1024x1024pink jellyfish

king-tut-leggings-1369789821_1024x1024king tut


lilly-monet-blue-1369790836_1024x1024monet lilies


SW0026Artoo_ThreepioLeggings_02_1024x1024artoo threepio


scarves, skirts and more…oh my!

as i’m sure you know, etsy is a great place to find awesome. sometimes it takes a little digging, but it’s there. and barkdecor is chock full of awesome. they offer everything from clothing and jewelry to art prints and home decor.

here are a few of my faves from their offerings.

impalatankimpala tank

mountainkaleidoscopemountain kaleidoscope cowl scarf

nazcalinesnazca lines

nyalahighwaistedskirtyaaaaaasssss!!! this one’s my ultimate favorite. nyala high waisted skirt

throughthesewoodsinfinityscarfthrough these words infinity scarf


for love and lemons skivves

i’ll never forget years ago when i was in college in nyc and my cousin tasia came to visit. we caught the train down to century 21. we strolled around the store being our normal extra silly selves and landed in the lingerie section. we were joking around, picking up thongs and bras like, “oooooo…girl, do you like this ling-er-eeeee??” and this older white woman stopped near us and said, “it’s pronounced lohn/zhu/ray.” ummmmm. okay. we fell out laughing!! did she really think we didn’t know? haha!! two snaps to the old chick trynna school two young black girls.

but anyhoo, that brings me to this post. ultra girly, ultra fem, for love and lemons skivves is super sexy and fab ling-er-eeeeeeee!!

let the dream wave continue.

forloveandlemons2 forloveandlemons3 forloveandlemons4 forloveandlemons5 forloveandlemons6forloveandlemons




metalin’ with vanessa mooney

steps up to the mic *tap tap tap* hellooooooo, is anyone out there??

ahem… i know i’ve been gone quite some time. well, life happens and sometimes those happenings drain all of your inspiration and creativity and willingness to do any daggone thang.


i’m back. back-er than back. now usually during this time of year i’m busy making stuff to give folk for Christmas, but i just don’t have it in me to eek it out this year. so instead, i’m compiling a dream list of thangs. maybe it’ll inspire you and give an idea or two for that special someone in your life! or you can ride along with me on the dream wave. either/or.

so here to kick off the dream wave is vanessa mooney‘s lovely jewelry. i’ve been a fan of her work for quite some time because her creations are just soooo dope. no other way to describe it.

aloversembracebodychain2a lover’s embrace bodychain


inyourheartnecklace2_edited-1in your heart necklace


ridinghighcuff2riding high cuff

spellonyoucuff2spell on you cuff


thejanisring2the janis ring

whereveryouwandernecklace2wherever you wander necklace


handmade denim clutch

dusted off my sewing machine

actually, i didn’t.

i was so geeked off of my idea to make a denim clutch that i didn’t even bother to dust the thing off. i was also so geeked that i didn’t bother to use the zipper foot for my sewing machine to put in the zipper.

can i just say here that i hate hate hate sewing in zippers for some reason? they were the most painful thing for me to do in school when i studied fashion design 50 million years ago.

but that wasn’t the end of my geeked-ness. nope, sure wasn’t. i also didn’t realize my interfacing was double-sided adhesive before i ironed the thing down. that meant that my lining was sticking to the inside of the bag, which just wasn’t going to work. i worked around it, but it turned out a little errrrrr…bulkier than i had planned.

see, sometimes i get so stoked about an idea that i just jump right on in.

yes, i goes in, honey.

full throttle all like, “today is clutch day!!!!!”

handmade denim clutch

handmade denim clutch

handmade denim clutch

it’s pretty needless to add here that my clutch had some bumps along the way, but i think it came out rather snazzy for my first go at it.