chuck e. no no

fridays are the absolute best, right? you’ve got the entire weekend to look forward to. lazy mornings, full days full of nothingness if you’re lucky…

so this past friday evening i said to dutch, “what do you want to do tomorrow? it’s saturday, you know…” and of course he kind of looked at me with a blank stare ’cause at 2 it’s not like he can really wrap his mind around the idea of a “weekend” or a “saturday” just yet. so then i threw out a couple of suggestions. i asked if he’d like to visit some friends that we haven’t seen in a while and he shut me down pretty quickly and announced, “no, i wan go chuck e. cheese, mama…”

i just kinda stared at him in amazement because i could not believe at just 2 years old (i mean, he just turned two like a week and a half ago) he’s making requests for chuck e. cheese’s already. already!!

i thought i had time before this all started. i wasn’t asking my pop to take me to chuck e. cheese’s until i was at least like 8 or 9, or maybe even 10, but then again, maybe that’s when chuck e. cheese’s first opened. but still… you get my point, right?

dutch’s daycare provider eva first took him to chuck e. cheese’s when he was around 6 months old. i was totally grossed out about the whole idea because now that i’m a mother and not just a kid trying to score a million tickets playing skee ball… chuck e. cheese’s is just a big ol’ germ pit.

think about it. people take their little gross, germy, snotty kids and just plop them right into that ball pit thingy where they grab at the balls and grab on each other and it’s just disgusting and before you know it your kid has a runny nose and you can’t figure out why. well, the why lives in the nasty ball pit, believe me.

i couldn’t understand why dutch needed to go to chuck e. cheese’s at only 6 months old anyway. i had already warned her against putting my child in the germy ball pit so there wasn’t much else he could do there. but she took him anyway, along with the other kids, and they took pictures and rode on a few rides and the day was done.

other than meeting eva and the kids at chuck e. cheese’s for a going away party for a young girl whose family was planning to move out of state, i haven’t taken dutch there. he only goes with eva and they’ve been a few times.

the seed has been sewn.

there’s no turning back.

let the years of gross pizza and dodging snotty kids in the germy ball pit begin!!

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