the smoosher

you know how some people like to pop bubble wrap to either be loud and annoying or to simply just release stress?

and you know how some people like to eat ice when they’re frustrated and tense?

and you know how some people just get so worked up that they just decide to scream?

well, over the past month or so i’ve come across quite a bit of stress in my little life and i have an entirely new way to release it. it’s a way that i’m sure no one else has even thought about.

nope, it’s not sitting at home pulling strands of my hair out and it doesn’t involve me eating my blues away, adding more damage to my credit debt, or consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

nope. nah-uh…

i have been smooshing and demolishing every last acorn that gets in my path!! that’s right. i said it. big ones, little ones. ones with tops and ones without tops. ones in bunches and ones standing alone. and i’ve realized that wearing boots with a bit of a heel makes it all the mo’ betta.

down with acorn!!

i’m taking it out on them because they were too stupid to stay on the tree branch. silly little acorn! plus, since they’re not living i don’t feel too bad about it.




each time one goes down and is smooshed to smithereens i feel a tad bit better.

a tad bit.

hey, at least i’m not getting involved in road rage, right? how do you release stress?

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