oh, the clutter


it’s a terrible thing, ya know.

yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity of helping my mother move. who likes the task of moving? no one i’m sure. it’s stressful and a major pain in the butt.

i dreaded the weekend. didn’t want to wake up. i was just hoping the whole day would just go away. it was bad enough that i had a ton of things i needed to do already, you know, like making sure i had my NABLOPOMO post written, getting my car inspected, buying diapers and the general saturday morning running around. tacking “moving” onto my day was just a hot mess.

it didn’t help that my mother wanted to keep EVERYTHING. it’s a problem in my family. we like to keep stuff. even the smallest things hold some type of sentimental value to us for some reason. i guess we all need group therapy.

i’m not 1/10 as bad as my grandmother or my mother, but i do have STUFF. i have notes that me and my friends used to pass back and forth in high school, i have old college papers and projects (i threw out most of them last year though…), i have books that borrowed from the library when i was ten (yeah, i’m sure i owe big time!), and i have a bottle of wine that was given to me and signed on my 21st birthday by all the girls who lived on my dorm floor in college. it just kinda goes on and on.

i’m always surprised when i visit the homes of my friends and they don’t have STUFF. not that all of my stuff is just sitting out. lots of it is in a big trunk, but still. i have other stuff out that for some reason means a lot to me and i just can’t put it away. like a music box my pop gave to me when i was a little girl and a brick that i brought home from my late grandmother’s house after we sold her house. i mean, how do you just chuck that kinda stuff out??

my husband doesn’t like the fact that i like to hang onto certain things. like all of these:


books. i have books everywhere. they’re coming out of our ears, but it’s not as bad as it was a few years ago when they were literally climbing up the walls. but i could probably open a small bookstore with ease. actually, i sorta did last year when i sold a bunch of them on amazon.com. i also have 9 years worth of magazines from when i had my entertainment magazine gig. 9 x 12 is a heck of a lot of magazines. but how do i just ditch ’em? mannnnn, that’s a lot of sweat and tears that went into those pages!!


oh, and let’s not talk about our cds. we’ve got tons and tons of cds. i’ve sold a bunch of them too, but still…


the collection just grows and grows and they’re an eyesore and i’m sick of looking at them. i like listening to them. don’t like seeing them.

i think my husband is a little nervous that one day i’ll collect so much stuff that we’ll have to create a pathway to even walk in our home (trust me, we’re not even close to that, but we know a few who are…), but i’ve promised him it won’t ever get that bad. i go through my clothes at least twice a year and donate clothes and shoes and it actually feels good to get rid of junk.

getting rid of junk makes me happy and that’s a good thing. ­čÖé

the smoosher

you know how some people like to pop bubble wrap to either be loud and annoying or to simply just release stress?

and you know how some people like to eat ice when they’re frustrated and tense?

and you know how some people just get so worked up that they just decide to scream?

well, over the past month or so i’ve come across quite a bit of stress in my little life and i have an entirely┬ánew way to release it. it’s a way┬áthat i’m sure no one else has even thought about.

nope, it’s not sitting at home pulling strands of my hair out and it doesn’t involve me eating my blues away, adding more damage to my credit debt, or consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

nope. nah-uh…

i have been smooshing and demolishing every last acorn that gets in my path!! that’s right. i said it. big ones, little ones. ones with tops and ones without tops. ones in bunches and ones standing alone. and i’ve realized that wearing boots with a bit of a heel makes it all the mo’ betta.

down with acorn!!

i’m taking it out on them because they were too stupid to stay on the tree branch. silly little acorn! plus, since they’re not living i don’t feel too bad about it.




each time one goes down and is smooshed to smithereens i feel a tad bit better.

a tad bit.

hey, at least i’m not getting involved in road rage, right? how do you release stress?