my life {in the sunshine}

i was in the car one day, probably going to or from work (you didn’t think i’d actually remembered all the little details, did you?) and roys ayers’ “everybody loves the sunshine” came on. it’s one of my ultimate favorite feel good songs. as soon as it comes on it’s just…happiness.

i’m not new to the blog world at all. i had a blog for quite some time but let it go when i realized that it lost focus. but don’t worry, mama’s got moxie will definitely come back in a whole brand new smashing way. 🙂 in the meantime, i’ve created bees & things & flowers as an ode to things that make me happy whether it’s my family, my faith in the Lord, purty things waaaaay out of my budget, good music, fly art…just whatever.

hope you enjoy it…