i have stuff

i’m always amazed when i go to friends’ homes and they don’t have stuff. and if they do they have it nicely tucked away. i, on the other hand, have stuff. lots of it. stuff from travels (mine and other folks’), stuff from long ago (cd/album collection & tons of books), vases… just stuff! i’m always trying to creatively display my stuff so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of junky clutter.

and here’s a little stuff on display inspiration.

source: sweetie pie style

5 thangs :: yes, it’s very random

i surf the web…a lot! so i figured why not share some of my supa cool findings here with my “5 thangs.” so here goes.

1. sade’s ultimate collection is on sale now! [whoops!! it’s out may 3rd! enter “womp womp” here.] woohooooooo!! i guess i’ll have to order that because her concert tickets are a little out of a sista’s budget.

2. i recently discovered a dc area blogger over at the art of accessories who has some really good ideas on how to be cute and colorful in this nutty weather we’re experiencing.

spring, we’re looking for you, honey! feel free to show up and show out at any time now.

3. i’m now determined to bake this cake for somebody. i’d bake it for myself, but since i’m counting calories and trying to get my slim fit & sexy on i don’t think it’d be such a good idea. anyway, the cake was made by sweetapolita and i stalk her blog. stalk it. she bakes the most beautiful cakes.

4. and since i’m in a food mood, i was soooooo happy to come across this 30+ hacks for ramen noodles. come on, i know i’m not the only one who still buys them.

5. and lastly, this little baby girl made my heart smile because she is just gettin’ her worship on! love it.

and yes, i realize that was random as all get out, but hey, that’s just how my mind works sometimes!

shonda hurt :: her hustle? planning fabulous events!

loyal. considerate. thinker.

niki: give me 3 words that describe you.
shonda: if i had to choose 3 that describe me professionally they would be organized, logical and efficient. on a personal note i’d choose loyal, considerate and i’m a thinker.

niki: when did you start event planning?
shonda: i’ve been event planning for about 13 years now.

niki: tell me about some of the projects you’ve worked on in recent years. which was your most fun experience? the worst?
shonda: over the past few years i’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from corporate galas to auto show exhibits & events to luxury brand launches and most recently a high profile wedding. all of the projects bring different challenges, but i would have to say one of the most enjoyable experiences was a food & wine magazine event in aspen for remy martin’s remy vsop and louis xiii brands. we had to produce two events in the same day, which included transforming two venues in a remote locale that required us shipping most of our props and supplies in from other parts of the country. it was a tight rope situation, but one that was so well orchestrated that it went off without a hitch. well, none that we couldn’t resolve, it wouldn’t be an event if there were no glitches.

(l) remy martin event at cipriani new york, (r) soft & beautiful skin fashion show

one of my worst experiences was at the 40/40 club in new york. the event turned out great, but dealing with the venue’s management and all of their last minute changes was a real headache!

niki: any new events coming up?
shonda: currently i’m a part of a team that produces monthly day parties in washington, dc called classic dayz. the parties are geared towards a more mature demographic, folks who aren’t interested in being in the clubs until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning with the younger set, but who still want to get out and enjoy great music that’s not necessarily the stuff heard nowadays on the radio in a great atmosphere. we’ve been having the parties for over a year now and they’ve been very well attended and received.

i’m also getting prepared for some upcoming events, namely for the new york international auto show in april and during howard university’s homecoming in october.


(l to r) michelle fisher, tanya walker, shonda hurt & kathy guillaume at a classic dayz event in dc

niki: what creative power do you wish you had?
shonda: hmm… this is a great question, one that i’ve been contemplating since i was a little girl and i still don’t have a definitive answer. lol! i guess if i could do anything creatively i’d be drawn to either writing because i’m an avid reader and i love the power of words. or maybe a great singer because i think being able to move people with an instrument as simple as your voice is awesome, plus, i can barely carry a tune.


shonda & idris elba at the washington auto show

niki: best music (song/artist) to get your creative juices flowing?
shonda: because i work primarily on a freelance basis, rick ross’s “hustlin’” is pretty much my theme song, the jay-z remix version of course!

sometimes when i’m juggling multiple projects or when i’m going after new work, the bridge just plays through my head: hustle real hard/hustle, hustle real hard/hustlin’ hustlin’/hustle-hustlin’ hustlin’/hustle, everyday i’m, everyday i’m/everyday i’m…


(l to r) shonda, sinbad and makia alexander at the urban wheel awards in detroit

niki: any advice for new event planners?
shonda: if you’re looking to become an event planner, i think the best way to learn anything is to start to do it. volunteer to put together family birthday parties and functions, join auxiliary boards at church or at work, all of this will help you start to understand the process of putting together an event. if you’re already event planning, there are a lot of books, magazines and organizations out here geared towards our profession. read as much as you can because these folks have already encountered a lot of the pitfalls and can help you navigate around them.


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eargasm :: supa fly art for yo’ ears

okay, can we just pause for a sec and take in how incredibly fly these mannequins are? i mean, the makeup on these dolls is so much better than i could ever do for myself. eargasm gets 10 extra point for too cute models, even if though they’re the non-speaking, non-breathing variety.

and now onto the earrings. just in time for spring, these earrings will add a great pop of color to anything you’re wearing. they’re nicely priced too. i likes a nice price! how ’bout you?