t-ball time!

dutchie had his first t-ball practice last sunday…finally! i don’t know who decided april was a good month to start an outdoor sport, but i’m thinking maybe they should reconsider. he’s had a canceled derby, canceled practices, a canceled game…all because of rain. he’s worn his uniform more in the house (just from the pure excitement of being a part of a team) than actually out on the field!

the whole rain situation has probably annoyed me and the husband more than dutch. what does he care? he’s a part of a team. a real live team!!

and who cares that he happily raised his hand to answer the question, “where is first base?” and then ran to home?

he finally had the chance to put on a helmet and hold a bat.

and hit the ball!!

tosha francis :: one groovy photog

niki: give me 3 words that describe you.
tosha: eclectic, fun, groovy

niki: when did you start photography? and what’s been the best/worst things about having your own business?
tosha: i started about 7 years ago just shooting my kids and for friends and family but started my business about 5. the best things are flexibility in my schedule and being able to do what i absolutely love.  the worst is actually managing the business side and stepping out of the creative side of the brain to actually get BUSINESS done.

hip family love

any day now, lady



niki: where do you draw inspiration for your photo sessions?
tosha: usually  high fashion magazines, pinterest has been a huge huge inspiration and a time killing beast! i try to put a twist on a high fashion ad and make it family friendly. my favorite photos are the ones that speak to me. whenever i can look at it photo and it instantly brings out some type of emotion whether a smile, laughter, an awwwww, an um um um..fierce or even a tear i know i have done my job. the best compliment is when a client writes back after they’ve seen their slideshow and says how it made them cry. mission accomplished. i don’t want to be known for JUST taking pretty pictures, but photographs are art that bring out emotion.

niki: who’s your favorite photog?
tosha: dang just one ;-( well if i had to choose one it would definitely be david lachapelle. i know weird huh, but his over the top and edgy photos and the way he just really thinks outside the box make me scream YES!

niki: what creative power do you wish you had?
tosha: i swear i am waiting for the day that the camera lens was really be my eyeballs and i would be bionic camera woman. i would see the image, set it up in my head, compose the image and blink and bam there would be the photograph saved to the hd in my head.  i know it’s coming and i would sell my firstborn for it (just kidding..or am i!)

niki: best music (song/artist) to get your creative juices flowing?
tosha: hands down deee lite! (told you i am groovy.)

niki: any advice for new photographers?
tosha: be yourself by all means. really try to understand your own style of photography and work the hell out of it! start with a business plan and give equally to both sides of your business, the creative side and the business side and you will be successful fo sho!

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