hello yellow, a little sunshine in the bedroom

yellow is an energizing color and in the bedroom, waking up to yellow is like the walls saying, “get yo’ tail up and make it happen!!” in a happy kinda way though. ’cause yellow = happy, right?

as a little girl i had a pale yellow bedroom, but now that i’m not such a little girl anymore i’d love to paint a more bold yellow on the walls. i’d even settle for a few bold yellow accessories. whatever, i’m breezy.

anyway, these pics give me just the inspiration i need.

found on: small place style

found on: dwellings by devore

found on: dwellings by devore

found on: sunshine rainy day

found on: design sponge


marsha ambrosius :: yes indeed {teena marie cover}

marsha ambrosius performs a cover of teena marie‘s “yes indeed” live in london. i have a huge amount of love and respect for teena marie and i was so devastated by her passing. oh, that lady was such a phenomenal talent!!!!! with that being said, i really feel that marsha did her justice on this cover.

much love to teena…

i hate cooking but these stoves are hot!

my grandma had the cutest little vintage stove in her house when i was growing up. of course, back then it was just a stove. it wasn’t really a, oooooo, check out grandma’s stove kinda stove. it’s where we scrambled eggs together and i remember sitting near it for warmth in the winter because it was a gas stove and well, that’s what we did.

i recently found some pics of gorgeous stoves that are reminiscent of the one my grandma owned. i don’t exactly throw down in the kitchen, and in fact, it’s probably where i least like to be in my home, but i have to admit i got a little excited seeing these.

found on: sundayinbed.tumblr.com

found on:housebeautiful.com

found on: greenwellies.tumblr.com

found on: parisapartment.com

found on: vintageandchicblog.com

surrounded by day & night with brook&lyn

mimi jung launched a fashion blog documenting her unique style in late 2008 and later landed on huffington post’s top ten new york fashion bloggers list. not bad, eh? well, mimi took her love for style one stepped forward when she created her brook&lyn boutique.

talk about statement pieces, mimi’s surrounded by day & night collection is all about pushing your look just one step further.


surrounded night trio body rope necklace

surrounded day body roped necklace