sasha mallory {so you think you can dance}

yes, i admit it, i watch “so you think you can dance.” and yes, i actually enjoy it most of the time. so now that that’s out of the way, i want to share how much i absolutely love watching contemporary dancer sasha mallory perform. oh, sasha is just amazing!

one of my favorite sasha performances so far this season was with the phenomenal twitch. they are both such awesome dancers and their hip-hop routine they performed to dorothy moore’s “misty blue” was so dope!


i’ll probably be sharing more since her performance on wednesday (aug. 3rd) was simply brilliant! just need to wait for somebody to post it. hint, hint…

beads, beads and mo’ beads

i went to winchester (virginia, that is) recently with my family and we stumbled across the cutest little bead shop! actually, it’s not little at all. in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many beads in one place. i’m talking wall-to-wall beads in every imaginable color. just awesome stuff.

if you’re into making jewelry or anything that requires bead work then the potomac bead company is definitely the place to be.

i was inspired and then some!