i’ll take my missoni on wheels, please & thank you

i’m sure you’ve heard (or saw for yourself) that target’s site crashed today from a kazillion folk logging on to buy up missoni products and i can’t really blame them. i love the zigzags too! but i will admit i just found out today that missoni was being sold at target. yes, i was more than a little late on that.

i first learned of missoni while studying at f.i.t. i had a project to do (don’t ask about what, i don’t remember) and decided on missoni. so i took my broke college butt up to madison ave. (in one of my nicer outfits, of course) to the missoni location on the upper east side of nyc and the woman i spoke to that day was so very helpful. she told me all about the company and answered all my annoying student questions.

but back then i don’t think missoni was carrying this…

$399, sold exclusively online. if you can, you know, get online.


yeah…1st grade!!

1st grade. can’t you just see the joy on his face?

he was actually totally excited about his first day of 1st grade. what he wasn’t excited about was holding the green “speech bubble” i made five minutes before this picture was taken.

oh whatever.

so anyway, today he says to me…

“mom, you know if you make yourself invisible in class you will get in trouble and get sent to the principal’s office?”

yep, he came up with that one all on his own.