can the queen get a cupcake? yessir!

so the description of these cupcakes said something about “princess,” but princess dreams are for little girls. if i’m reaching for royalty then refer to me as queen, please. these are the cutest little “queen” cupcakes.

and yes, i realize they were probably created for a 2-year-old’s birthday bash.

i’m a french toast freak

french toast is by far my favorite breakfast food, but who has time to make french toast every morning? certainly not i. and really, you can’t just eat french toast every morning anyway. i’m pretty sure it’s not on the new food plate as the most healthy thing you can chow on first thing of the day. hellllllllooooo, can you say hips-a-spreadin’??

but when i do indulge, i’m one happy girl. and i like mine rather plain, not stuffed with raspberries. no funky pumpkin flavoring. just give me my french toast lightly (or heavily) sprinkled with powered sugar. please and thank you.

okay, so carrot’s my favorite, but coconut? absolute favorite!

i know people who just hate coconut and i don’t get it. hate? coconut?

what coconuts!

okay, that was corny. but coconut cake is so dang yummy, i just can’t imagine someone not liking it. but then again, i don’t like pie. or pudding. and i pick stuff out of carrot cake. so i’m sure somewhere someone thinks i’m pretty weird too.