dutch’s dinner drama

dutch is super picky. i mean, super duper picky. it drives me up a wall. i’ve tried everything to get him to eat or at least try different foods, but no dice. here’s our most recent dinner conversation:

mama: you need to eat more than just the chicken on your plate, dutch. you’re getting too skinny!

dutch: i like being skinny.

mama: and why do you like being skinny, dutch?

dutch: because i can fit in the air vents.

mama: and why would you ever need to fit in the air vents, dutch?

dutch: just in case there’s ever a fire or something and i need to get out of the house!

then he went on to sing various songs of his own making:

“i’m so skinny, i can fit through a hole… i’m so skinny i can fit through a hole…”

“i like being, skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny… skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny…”

kaize adams :: you changed my life

oh, the wonderful world of twitter. i “know” kaize adams (@kamikaize) via twitter and without fail he includes me in his #ff (that’s follow friday for you none twitter-y folk). it wasn’t until recently that i realized my twitter buddy is a gospel singer with a beautiful voice! check out this video i snagged of kaize performing “you changed my life” a few years ago in london.

have a blessed week!


nicole ritchie’s house of harlow 1960 fall 2011

i’ve got to give it to nicole ritchie, she’s come a longggggg way since her days of acting a fool in that crazy reality show “the simple life” with her ex-bestie paris hilton. a long way. as you probably well know, nicole is a wife, a mama & a business woman now and can i just say that girlfriend has a pretty hot line of fall footwear? yes, indeedy!

check out a sampling from her fall 2011 house of harlow 1960 lookbook.