vanessa mooney’s funky bracelets

vanessa mooney, a self-taught jewelry designer in l.a. has a funky fly collection of arm candy. check out some of her latest offerings.


thinkin’ spring & head scarves

whenever my hair starts driving me a little nuts or i want a different look i wrap the madness up in a head scarf or bandana. years ago i wore a lot of head wraps, but these days it’s more of just the usual wrap it around the front, tie it in the back variety. but this spring my plan is to buy some beautifully colored scarves and try different wrapping techniques. here a few of my fave styles.

rock it like a 60s turban style hat. via a beautiful mess.

via sunday in bed

more turban style via what i wore.

via pinterest. luv, luv, luv this look. it’s my absolute favorite!

keiko lynn gives a head scarf tutorial on her blog.

via pinterest

nicoledeanne shows a scarf turned turban.

via the chive


laser cut goodness by moonc

it’s everywhere! laser cut jewelry has been very popular over the past few years and it comes in a variety of materials: acrylic, wood, felt, leather… last year i featured rachel stewart‘s laser cut jewelry that included afro picks and cassette tapes and since then i’ve come across so many other designers with beautiful and unique pieces. moonc is my most recent find. these lithuanian designers create jewelry inspired by nature, history and architecture.

moonc on etsy

spelling is in his blood

okay, that title was a bit dramatic, but boy was i one happy mama when i received a letter from dutch’s school stating that he was one of two students in his 1st grade class who qualified for the school spelling bee!

woohoooooooo!!! i was in a couple spelling bees in elementary school and won ribbons so i was pretty dang proud.

then i saw the list of words. since this was a school spelling bee the words weren’t just for 1st graders. in fact, they were 5th thru 8th grade words! the school sent home a list of 450 words to study and it included words like expressionism, extemporaneous, circumloctution, dramaturgy, slantindicular…

what the hairy heck?

we had less than a month to prepare for this thing and honestly, i didn’t even concentrate on the tougher words. for goodness sakes, my child is 6, what does he know about slantindicular?

so we practiced and practiced and initially dutch was excited about the possibility of winning a ribbon, but as the spelling bee drew nearer he said, “mom, i’m not going to win this thing.” i told him that i was proud of him for even making it to the spelling bee at all! my husband and i just wanted him to do his best and to have fun.

the day of the spelling bee, dutch said he wanted to wear his bowtie. and this is not just any ol’ bowtie. it’s a black velvet bowtie, but i love that he wants to do his own thing sometimes and not follow the crowd so i just went with it. we took tons of pictures and he videotaped himself. he was super excited about the day.

as if you couldn’t tell by the pictures. 🙂

my husband and i went to the spelling bee and we were nervous as heck as he stepped up to the mic to spell his first word.


whew!! they started off with the easy words. i was hoping that he’d at least make it through the first round. score! then came the second round and honey, it was a beast. wiped out most of the 1st graders. dutch stepped to the mic once again…


boom!! all i do is win win win no matter what… yeah, i was dancing in my seat!

there were only two 1st graders left for the third round and dutch was the first up…


as if my child knows what a daggone thermos is, but hey, he sounded that sucka out and did the best he could. we were mighty proud of him and his school principal said the same.

and can i just say everyone loved his black velvet bowtie? one teacher said to me, “he might not’ve won the spelling bee, but he definitely wins for most fashionable.”

all i do is win win win no matter what…

contemplating pork n’ beans

remember when i posted about having a crappy 2011? well, part of the crapaliciousness of 2011 was due to being laid off. it’s okay. really, it is. i kinda saw it coming. not that that means i knew how to feel about it when the hammer actually came down though, you know?

i’ve never been laid off before and let me tell you i went through a full range of emotions in the very beginning. the first one being a freak out emotion (if you can call it that)…”how am i going to pay my bills??” “oh my goodness, Christmas is coming. i’m going to be so so broke!!” “my unemployment check is how much? no, that can’t be right, you’re joking right? oh, you’re not joking…”

but i got over it. my faith in the Lord is strong so i got myself together and came to the realization that it’s time to pick up it on up and move on.

that’s more of the idealized version of what actually takes place. you know, “pick it on up and move on.” what is being laid off really like on a day-to-day? well, there’s the dropping the child off to school and walking po’ charlie (i promise to post a pic of him soon). then there’s this huge block of time in the middle of the day until i have to walk po’ charlie again and pick the child back up. i’ve managed to fill up those hours doing all sorts of things: job searching and more job searching, washing dishes, washing clothes, talking on the phone, folding clothes, blogging, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, talking on the phone, painting picture frames, googling tutorials on a variety of topics, talking on the phone, making jewelry, dancing to videos on vh1 soul… you know, that kinda thing.

i really should be spending mucho grande time in the gym, but that’s another subject.

then there are times when i am slam bored! you hear me? times when i just sit around and contemplate things. what kind of job should i be looking for? should i stay in social media and web management or do something totally different like become one of those sign turners because, i mean, every business needs a sign turner, right? oh, decisions, decisions!

and then there are the times that i get way inside my head like this one particular recent day: after preparing some pork n’ beans and hot dogs for a little late lunch—not because we’re so terribly broke over here, but because dangit i actually like pork n’ beans and hot dogs—when i wondered, exactly what kind of beans are in pork n’ beans?!?!

i bet you don’t know either.

i decided to google the mysterious bean and here are ten facts gathered from wikipedia about pork n’ beans that i just know you are dying to know.

here goes…

  • pork n’ beans generally consists of navy beans stewed with pork
  • commercially canned pork n’ beans were introduced in the united states during the 1880s
  • a recipe for pork n’ beans was included in the 1832 cookbook the american frugal housewife
  • according to the 1975 better homes and garden heritage cookbook, canned pork n’ beans was the first convenience food
  • pork n’ beans is a stereotypical cowboy food dish
  • pork n’ beans is an american canned classic
  • the dish became popular when h. j. heinz came out with their version in 1895
  • pork n’ beans are usually stewed with tomatoes
  • the dish was mentioned in the song “the old chisholm trail”: “oh, it’s bacon and beans most every day/i’d as soon be a-eatin’ prairie hay”
  • but what wikipedia failed to mention is that pork n’ beans were also mentioned in the hugely popular go-go song “sardines” by the one and only junkyard band. dc stand up!!!!! like to hear it? here it go…


and there you have it, all the pork n’ beans facts you’ll ever need in life.