kitty’s divine chair

i mentioned here once before that reupholstering furniture is on my bucket list and these chairs by the divine chair are what my dreams of made of!

well, some of my dreams anyway. just wait till i get a little more square footage. 🙂

designer and owner kitty mcbride pairs vintage finds with fabulous fabrics and voila!! seating for a queen!

she’s so curly

my hair has been super curly forever. unless you count the times when it was pressed, permed, flat ironed or wrapped till it was bone straight, but the straightness never lasts long. i’m talking a week tops because as soon as it gets wet it’s curling some kinda way. but don’t get it twisted, i’m not a part of the natural revolution. i’ve had this hair all my life so i’m not going to start singing its natural praises now. i’m in more of the whatever-works-for-you camp. if it’s a weave/wig/perm/afro/twists/blow out/mohawk/locs/bald… whatever. do you!

i’ve been growing my hair out for several months now and i really don’t have an idea of what i want it to look like ultimately, but i’m lovin’ these pics of girls and their curls that i’ve been collecting on pinterest.



Source: via niki on Pinterest



Source: via niki on Pinterest