use coconut oil for…everything!

last year i started using virgin coconut oil on my hair after reading about the benefits of it on a few natural hair blogs. i’d be lying if i said i remembered which blogs i read the info on because a lot of times i just virtually skate through a bunch of sites, but here are a few natural hair blogs that will give you enough good info to get you started:

what’s the best way to apply coconut oil at
magic in a jar? the many benefits of coconut oil at
what’s the best way to apply coconut oil to natural hair at

but using coconut oil for your hair is just the very beginning, people! there are tons of uses for this stuff from skincare to cooking to helping with ear infections and yeast infections to household uses. i mean, really? who knew? i surely didn’t!! but now i do and i’m sharing coconut use links with you.

122 uses for coconut oil at delicious obsessions
333 uses for coconut oil at hybrid rasta mama
how to use coconut oil on the face at livestrong
cooking with coconut oil at nytimes
more than 101 reasons to use coconut oil as a home remedy to improve your health naturally at natural news
can applying coconut oil reduce hair loss? at daily glow

go get you some!

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