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beautiful photography

one camera and two goofies

i’ve been chasing my child around with my camera since the day he was born. in his first year i had over 2,000 pictures.

stalker-ish much? you know it.

now i’ve got a handy dandy camera remote thanks to the husband and there’s no need to chase dutch around. now all i have to do is get him to sit still for a few minutes. and that’s just what we did last week ’cause… well, we ain’t have nothin’ else to do.

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

it didn’t take him long to master the whole self-portrait thing.



boo hoo’ing over the end of summer

i can’t believe summer is almost over!! just a little over a week left and it’s done. over. kaput!

it seems like it just started. like i was just searching for those swim rings for my son to toss into the pool. like i just bought that heavy duty sunblock. like i just chopped all my hair off ’cause it was getting too daggone hot to rock that big curly fro’ that i was desperately trying to grow all throughout winter in spring. like i was just avoiding going outside during the day because of the heatwave that hit the dc area was ’bout ready to melt us all!

like we just caught a plane (dutch’s first time!) to florida last week even though it really happened in late june.

dutch & my husband edell.
rough tide at the beach.
dutch poolin’.
little brother.
little sister.
it wouldn’t be florida without rain, right?

unemployment entertainment

the early part of my typical day goes a lil’ something like this:

get up, wake the child up, iron his clothes, make his lunch, walk the dog, take the child to summer camp, come home and get online to get it crackalackin’ with the job search (this can take as little as 30mins to a couple hours depending on what’s poppin’), clean a little, write/read/make earrings/take photos/dance around to videos on vh1 soul/etc., clean whatever needs to be cleaned…or not, then there’s this space (a small space, but still a space) of nothingness.

here’s how i fill it. i entertain myself by polishing my toes in funky colors and sometimes snapping a pic and posting it on instagram.

see, the key to keeping your sanity during unemployment is to keep busy. and keeping busy is my thing. and trust, there’s always something for me to do.

of course, i could sleep the day away because i really could use the sleep, and that’s another post, but i can count on one hand how many times i’ve indulged in taking a nap since i’ve been home. and even in those times the snooze didn’t last long ’cause our daggone dog with his super sonic hearing likes to bark whenever a blade of grass blows in the wind.

okay, that was an exaggeration but he does bark a lot.

so no time (or silence) for naps. i have things to do and toes to polish!

dutch & mama walk for autism speaks

on saturday dutch and i headed out bright and early to the national mall in dc to meet up with some friends for the autism speaks walk. we got down there around 8:40am-ish and our friends got there…well, just a little later (read: 9:40am-ish. we still love them though). after a while of waiting for them to arrive, dutch got a little concerned.

dutch: where are they, mommy?? (x 500)

mama: they’ll be here soon, buddy. (x 500)

i don’t think he believed me. in fact, he tried to talk me into leaving at one point. okay, at several points. when i told him we had to wait, he got a little antsy.

okay, a lot antsy. and then the super sillies kicked in…

and they were on full blast. and he insisted that i take like 50 million pictures of him in various poses.

this here is just a small sampling. trust me.

there was no stopping the sillies. or the picture taking requests.

he was karate chopping, dancing and the whole nine.

then our friends came and he tried to be all cool mr. smooth. because that’s what dutch does. at first anyway.

then it was time to get walkin’! i didn’t tell dutch how far we’d be walking. not that he gets “miles” anyway.

we walked 2.5 miles. i have to admit that i wanted to cheat at one point and cross a huge field, but the rest of our crew didn’t seem to be down with the idea. i was really ill-equipped for such a long walk. all i had was an apple.

it didn’t matter to dutch though. i think he rather enjoyed the walk.

especially walking on the wall that surrounds the national monument. backwards, of course.