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photo challenge day 6 :: something new

something new? well, i tried a new food. or a new brand of food anyway. let me just preface this by saying this is by no means a diss to the brand. i’m a very, very picky eater (yes, just like my child) and i’ve been trying for years to like yogurt. i really have. and i just hate it. i really do.

the big rave in the yogurt world these days is greek yogurt and chobani seems to be a big fave so i decided to give it a whirl. see, my problem is that i’d like yogurt to taste like ice cream because you know, it’s all healthy for you and stuff and i’m sure i’d have no issue whoofin’ it down if it tasted like pralines and cream from baskins robbins but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww…it just doesn’t. and i just hated it.

but i have many, many friends who love chobani because, well, they love yogurt and that weird sour yogurt-y thing that yogurt does.

hopes & dreams for 1st grade

when dutch went to kindergarten last year his teacher had them write their hopes and dreams for their first year of school. dutch said he wanted to make new friends. not necessarily an academic goal, but okay. it’s his first year. whatever. so when i went to back-to-school night recently i saw that his 1st grade teacher had them do the same thing. some kids said they wanted to learn to read better, write better…here’s what my child wrote:

there you have it. my child hopes to have electronic day which happens about twice a year in his aftercare program (not in class) when the children get to bring in their leapsters, nintendo ds’s, etc.

was i disappointed? hecky no! because my child did a mighty fine job sounding out electronic, even though he totally missed the “e” in electronic. who knows, maybe he’ll be an engineer someday or something.