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hair drama {curly-headed mixtgurl}

first i just wanna say that this is not about to turn into one of those natural-i’m transitioning-’bout to make the big chop-type of blogs. i’ve been wearing my hair natural for eons. over the past decade or so i’ve been wearing it pretty short, i’ve decided to let it grow out and kinda document the process here.

i have this super curly mass of hair and i learned early on that it’s much easier to just deal with what i’ve got than to fight against nature to straighten my locs. not that i haven’t had many many many dates with creamy crack. i’ve used more perms (relaxers) than i can count. my mom also used to straighten my hair with a hot comb when i was younger, i’ve been wrapped, spiral-curled, sat under the dryer for hours upon hours (i did lots of hair shows too), crimped, flat ironed…you name it, me and my hair have been there. and that includes dying my hair with kool-aid. i’m sure you remember them days…or maybe not. but my friends do!

anyway, when i left for college some years ago i had hair down my back and then one day i decided to whack it all off…to about two inches. if that. i’d like to say that i had reached a level of maturity and was seeking a new look, but truth is, i was having relationship drama and i wanted change. big change.

thank goodness i had a decent shaped head underneath all that hair!

all of a sudden i had this super short, super easy hair to deal with every day. i was finally in love. and i’ve been rockin’ the short hair ever since. the only time i let it really grow out a bit was during my pregnancy 5 years ago. right after i had my son my hair was closer to my shoulders than it had been in like forever…

and then i whacked it off again.

now i’m growing it out again. you probably think i’m crazy right about now, but don’t all women go through this kinda thing? anyway, i’m not planning to straighten it this time. i take that back, maybe i’ll get it blown straight (like in the picture above), but i’m definitely not going the creamy crack way again. and this go ’round i want to find some really great mostly natural products that will keep my hair shiny and healthy. oh, and these products have to be reasonably priced because i’m not into buying crazy expensive hair products. i saw a tub of that miss jessie’s stuff in target and almost fainted…$58???!!! ain’t no way…

i recently got some great recommendations from a couple of my girls and now i’m just trying stuff out. naturally curly has been a pretty cool resource too. here’s what i’ve got so far:

carol’s daughter’s tui hair oil

kinky curly come clean moisturizing shampoo

curls goddess curls gel

shea moisture deep treatment masque

i’ll let you know what i think of this stuff after trying it for a while.

oh, and by the way, here’s my hair over the summer:

and here it is now. it looks crazy, i know, but you know how the growing out phase is. and if it still looks crazy once it’s grown out, i’ll chop it all off again. i’m definitely not afraid of scissors.