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trying to fight jelly and cat chiarelli ain’t helpin’!

okay, so it occurred to me almost 3 weeks ago after seeing this victoria secret’s ad…

i’m a fatty.

i know a lot of people (okay, a lot of women) look at these models and think these girls are unhealthy little rails and that no real woman should want to look like that, but daggone it years ago that was me! i was the skinny chick! the one that could pick up anything in a store and know for sure it would fit. and look pretty good in it too.

and do you know that i even had the audacity to be on a “get fat” diet at one point in my life? sure did!! i was eating bread and drinking protein shakes like nobody’s business trying to gain weight.

but there’s no need to “get fat” now. i’ve got it honestly. and it’s nobody’s fault but my own. after i gave birth to my son five and a half years ago i did absolutely nothin’ to lose weight. unless you count nursing and that actually did help some, but i didn’t exercise a lick.

so now i’m finally fed up with my fatty-ness. in fact, i know that if i don’t tame jelly (my wanting to eat every piece of junk/fried food in sight alter ego) i will forever have this muffin top. it ain’t cute. jelly’s got to go ’cause she’s not wanted here no mo’!

i’ve signed up to my fitness pal thanks to my cousin who recommended it to me and i’ve been counting calories like a mad person. i’ve  also been going to the gym. okay, so i’ve only been to the gym a couple times BUT i’ve been exercising with the wii. and that counts, right? i almost bought a yoga dvd the other day until i remembered on demand on my verizon fios. why pay for a dvd when i have access to fitness tv?!

and that’s what brings me to cat chiarelli (of crunch gym/exercisetv fame). you see, i found her sexy stretch workout and figured i’d give it a go. i mean, a sista needs to stretch and why not add a little sexy to it, right?

i did great in the beginning and then started to fall apart just lil’ bit closer to the end and when cat did this…

honey, it was a wrap!! you see that?? this child’s leg is straight over her head and her daggone foot is hittin’ the floor! what in the hairy hay?

thank goodness that part came close to the tail end because i was some kinda frustrated. to cat’s credit, it’s not like she said put your foot over your head. she said do your best or some mess to make us stiffies feel better about ourselves.

all i gotta say is girl, you know you have to show off like that! now i’m determined to master this workout. i probably will never ever be able to get my leg over my shoulder. (i mean, really, can you? never mind, don’t answer that ’cause if you can i’ll just be even more jealous.) but i can get close.

or at least sorta close.

life a bit sweeter…

when my friend michelle told me about a year ago (i think it was about a year ago) that she was planning to adopt internationally, i have to admit that i thought she was a little bit nuts. just the expense of it all is rather mind blowing, but i understand that she and her husband feel that this is what the Lord has led them to do so i support her wholeheartedly!

so i’d like to introduce you to michelle and tony mckinney via their ethiopian adoption story. grab a tissue. 🙂 by the way, you can also check out michelle’s blog, life a bit sweeter and follow the mckinney’s through their adoption journey.

somethin’ that i never did before

yesterday i was in wal-mart (probably my least favorite store on the planet, but it’s about 4.3 minutes from where i live so well, why not…) and i said to myself, “niki, why don’t you make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast?” now this may not seem like something that would actually take one on the wild side, but it’s wild for me ’cause i ain’t never made a pancake before.

yeah, i know. i know.

and if you’d like to laugh at me further you’ll really get a kick out of the fact that i just bought a roasting pan like three days ago. perhaps i’m finally realizing that i am in fact, an adult.

so anyway, i pulled out my little griddle this morning and threw some bacon on it. everybody in my house may not be huge fans of pancakes, but everybody loves bacon.

then i got my little panny cake batter ready.

you should probably know that right before i started this whole panny cake adventure i googled “how to make pancakes on a griddle.”

i did. don’t laugh.

i’m kinda big on instructions. and you know, i’m glad that i did ’cause i was about to put a rack of oil in the pan. but the instructions i found said to put oil on a paper towel and rub it on the griddle. so i got the bacon off of the griddle and wiped it down with a paper towel sorta like the instructions said to do. 

next it was time to pour on the batter.

and don’t ask why they’re different sizes. i’m new to this. that’s why they’re different sizes.

i was a wee bit nervous about flippin’ these things too. i just envisioned batter flinging everywhere and the whole thing just being a huge disaster. turns out it wasn’t. it was all just me. being overly dramatic per usual.

so yeah, the panny cakes came out in varying sizes and shades, but overall i think it was a success. so much so that i made up a little ditty. like to hear it? hear it goes…

panny cake, panny cake…
niki made a panny cake…

and then i just kinda repeated that over and over and over again until i got them all off of the griddle.

dutch came in the kitchen just as i was finishing up and i said, “guess what? mommy made pancakes and it was my first time!!” yeah, i was all filled with excitement and stuff.

and then dutch said, “guess what? i don’t like them!”

my life {in the sunshine}

i was in the car one day, probably going to or from work (you didn’t think i’d actually remembered all the little details, did you?) and roys ayers’ “everybody loves the sunshine” came on. it’s one of my ultimate favorite feel good songs. as soon as it comes on it’s just…happiness.

i’m not new to the blog world at all. i had a blog for quite some time but let it go when i realized that it lost focus. but don’t worry, mama’s got moxie will definitely come back in a whole brand new smashing way. 🙂 in the meantime, i’ve created bees & things & flowers as an ode to things that make me happy whether it’s my family, my faith in the Lord, purty things waaaaay out of my budget, good music, fly art…just whatever.

hope you enjoy it…