be quiet!!

that’s what i hear the most from my not quite 2-year-old son lately. and just how do you respond to a toddler who doesn’t seem to like the sound of your voice?

haven’t quite figured that out yet.

it all started out as a nice shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… we’d be in the car and i’d be singing the “abc song” and then all of a sudden i’d hear, “shhhhhhhhhhhh mommy” coming from the back seat. talk about a blow to your ego. i mean, i know i don’t have the vocal capabilities of beyonce, but geesh, it’s the freakin’ “song”!!! give me a break.

then his shhhhhhhhhhhhh… graduated to shut up. i think he overheard me and his daddy exchange those two words a few too many times and decided to add it to his repertoire. the funny thing is that my husband thought he was saying wassup since “shut up” sounded more like “shup”. but he’s gone from “shup” to straight up “shut up” now so there’s no confusion.

next came “close your mouth” (along with pinching lips together) and once i started telling him to “zip it” with the hand motions and all, of course nothing became too complicated for him. my son now has at least a hundred ways to tell us to shut up and i think i may be to blame for it. as soon as he catches on i switch. now he has a vast array of “shut up” words complete with hand signals.

i think he just really digs the power he thinks it gives him. half the time when he’s telling us to be quiet or shut up or shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… we’re not even saying anything anyway so i’m assuming that in his mind he’s thinking, “yeah, i told them and now look… they’re not saying nothin’! yesssssss!! i’m the man!!”

mama has landed!!!!!!!!

and the crowd cheers!!!!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! don’t you hear them?? or is it just in my own mind?? hahaha… well, that just figures.

this first entry isn’t about too much. just saying hello, but i’ll be back… oh yeah, because if you know me, then you know mama always has an opinion about SOMETHIN’… and there’s always somethin’ to chit chat about.

so in the meantime, i’m just going to sit back and chill and get comfy in my new space on wordpress. light an incense. put on some d’angelo. have a nice tall glass of tropicana tropical fruit punch. that’s what i’m on right now. tropical fruit punch. haha…

okay, lata gatas…