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i’m so sick of “no one”

for the past several months my 2 and a half year old son dutch has belted out alicia keys’ big hit “no one” numerous times. i mean, numerous times. and he doesn’t just sing it, he sing-yells it.


of course those aren’t all the actual lyrics, but try telling that to a 2-year-old. they basically do and say what they want and who am i to correct him? trust me, i’ve tried. but it’s his song and he sings it just like he wants.

he’s seen alicia perform the song a couple times, but the funny thing is he never sings along when she’s on television. i guess he’s too busy watching her. ’cause you know, not only is my boy into good music, but he likes to ogle a pretty lady from time-to-time as well. up until this point i had no idea that men’s fascination with beautiful women started so young. silly naive little me.

but don’t get me wrong, i happen to love the song too and i have always respected alicia’s music. plus, i’m always down to support my biracial sistren (is that a word? i don’t think so, but i figured since there was a “brethren” we should have a sistren). but you know, after listening to the song 8,472 times i’m just, well, kinda over it.

yesterday dutch and i were on our way to see my mother. ya ya to dutch. yes, i know ya ya is the greek word for grandmother and no, my mother isn’t greek, but so what that’s what he calls her and that’s that. anyway, the entire way to her place he wanted to hear the song.

dutch: mommy, play that “no one”!!! play that “no one”.

so on and on and on and on and on it played. i even tried popping in another cd and i got fussed at, but i had to set the kid straight.

dutch: [yelling at me like he had lost his daggone mind…] mommy, play that “no one”!! i wanna hear that “no one”!!

mommy: first of all, who are you yelling at? look, i’m the mommy. i tell you what to do. it doesn’t work the other way around. now we’ve listened to “no one” like 10 times!! it’s time to listen to something else.

then i popped in my amy winehouse frank cd and right after the first song ended…

dutch: can you play that “no one” now?

and what did i do? i obliged. and it didn’t help that as soon as we got to my mama’s house we turned right back around and got right back in the car to find something to eat. and there it went again…

dutch: mommy, play that “no one”.

only this time he had back-up.

my mama: oh, play the song for him. you know that’s his song.

i now hear the song in my sleep.

it’s the background music to all of my thoughts.

i’m humming it right now as i type.

no one, no one, no onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeee, can get in the way of what i’m feeling…

it is a great song.

you know, you remind me of…

all throughout my life people have said, “you know, you remind me of…”

or, “did anybody ever tell you you favor…”

or, “hey, is your name lisa ’cause i had a friend named lisa in the 2nd grade and you look…”

i even had a guy (who was really popular in the dc area at the time because he played in a popular go-go band) try to hit on me and when he realized i wasn’t trying to give him any play he said, “you know, you look just like my wife.”

i really didn’t know how to respond to that one.

apparently i favor quite a few different folks. or so some seem to think.

the first time i remember someone saying that i looked like someone famous was in the 3rd grade. i was sitting on the floor (i guess it was reading time or something. i don’t really recall whyi was on the floor) and a visitor came to our classroom. she was talking to my teacher when all of a sudden her eyes locked with mine and she said, “she looks just like brooke shields!”

brooke shields?!

maybe it was because we both had thick, caterpillar-like eyebrows and long dark brown hair. that’s about all i had in common with brooke.

“a different world” first aired in 1987 and everybody, i mean, everybodytold me i looked like jasmine guy. it didn’t help that i later dated a slim, brown-skinned brother who kinda favored dwayne wayne a little bit.

in 1991 it was prom time and i told my hairdresser i wanted an up-do. after she was done she said, “ooooooooooo… you look like julia roberts in pretty woman. and everybody in the salon seemed to agree with her.

ummmmmm… she was a ho in that movie, but thanks!

at one point i stopped straightening my hair and i just went natural with it. my hair was (and still is) a mass of curly craziness. it was right around the time that mariah carey came out. you guessed it, “you look like mariah!!” i really didn’t. we both just happened to be rockin’ the same wild locks.

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