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i wanna mush him

you know, sometimes i just wanna mush my 2 and a half year old son dutchie all upside his forehead (and sometimes i do!!).

the other morning i was rushing (as usual) and just trying to get out of the house at least sorta on time. dutch grabbed his shoes so i told him he should try putting them on himself.

mama: dutch, go ahead and try to get one shoe on by yourself.

dutch: [struggles with his shoe and is nowhere even near having the thing on right. and he’s also showing early signs of heavy frustration.]

mama: go ahead, buddy, you can do it. just try!

dutch: [totally frustrated by now.] i can’t do it!!

mama: yes, you can, dutchie. just try.

dutch: i can’t do it!!!!!

mama: dutch, don’t say that you can’t. just try!

dutch: i said i can’t do it, little girl!!!!

round 2 of wanting to mush the child all upside his forehead…

another morning i told dutch it was time to get dressed so that we could make our way to eva’s (his daycare).

mama: come on, dutch. it’s time to get dressed so let’s move it! come on, chop, chop!!!

dutch: i don’t want to. i wanna watch go diego.

mama: well, you’ll have to watch it when you get home because it’s time to get dressed so that we can go to eva’s.

dutch: no, i don’t want to go to eva’s.

mama: okay, well, fine. i’m going to go to eva’s by myself. see you later!!

dutch: bye, mama!! [still sitting on the bed watching television.]

so at this point i figured, i’ll fix him. i’ll leave out the front door and once he realizes that i’m gone and he’s home alone he’ll freak out!! as if i even had time to play these kinds of games in the mornings, but i did. our door closes really loudly so i made sure that the slam was ultra loud so he would know that i indeed had left. so i stood outside of the door waiting to hear the rumbling thunder sound of his feet coming towards the door.

no dice.

so then i thought, well, maybe he’s just standing there quietly at the door, you know, trying to feel me out. so i opened the door and there was no sign of dutch. and why? well, because his little butt was still content watching go diego go on the bed.

i just know that he would’ve missed me though, you know, like 15 minutes later when it was time to refill his milk cup.

round 3 of wanting to mush the child all upside his forehead…

today. i was planning on taking the day off just because daggone it, i need a day off! you know, to think, to breathe, to nap as long as i want and to watch “maury povich” and “oprah”. but my plans sorta changed once i noticed that dutch was coughing and wheezing and just overall not sounding 100%. what can i say, it’s the season for wheezin’ so that means it’s also time for allergy pill poppin’ and albuterol breathing treatments.

oh, spring is definitely upon us.

so this morning daddy noticed that dutch wasn’t feeling all that great:

daddy: you tell ms. eva if you don’t feel well and she’ll call me and i’ll come and get you, okay?

dutch: okay.

daddy: you don’t feel good?

dutch: [dutch shakes his head no as if he really knows what “feeling good” means. i dunno, maybe he does know what it means, but i’m kinda going with he doesn’t.]

daddy: do you wanna go to ms. eva’s?

dutch: no, i don’t wanna go to ms. eva’s.

well, see this is the kicker. daddy leaves before us in the morning so he really doesn’t know that every morning dutch says he doesn’t want to go to ms. eva’s because he would prefer to stay home and watch his vast movie collection. i mean, sure dutch was coughing this morning (and still is), but it’s not sooooooooo bad that he couldn’t really go to daycare. especially since this isn’t a cold so it’s nothing contagious. and sure enough after daddy leaves dutch says this:

dutch: mommy, can we go to chuck e. cheese’s?? to eat pizza?? and to dance??

geez louise, the kid’s a faker already.

he’s a wee obsessed with chuck e. cheese’s

we went to pick up my stepson early this morning so that he could stay the weekend with us and on our way home dutch came up with the greatest idea for you know, a 2-year-old. i mean, think about it, if you were 2 how would you like to spend your saturday? oh yeah, baby, you guessed it:

dutch: i wan’ go chuck e. cheese!


now don’t go getting the idea that i give into my child’s every whim ’cause i don’t. he comes up with some monster ideas at times like asking me to cook him eggs at 3 a.m. in the morning, or asking to go see his lolo (aka grandfather) first thing in the morning when we’re rushing out for daycare. but this particular time, i gave in. hey, i felt i owed the kid. he’s been asking to go to cheesey chucky’s for the past few weeks. i meant to take him during all of those days we were off during the Christmas season, but we kinda never made it.

so today was a day of loud children, probably the grossest pizza on the planet, tickets from games that don’t get you much in the way of prizes (we won 53 tickets which got us 5 tootsie rolls, and i’m the only one who eats them), screams of terror when chuck e. decided to pounce on the scene, and a thousand rides on the fire truck for dutch.

“hey, mama… i need more money for this thing!”

and yes, the realization that blackberry’s don’t take great motion pix.

chuck e. no no

fridays are the absolute best, right? you’ve got the entire weekend to look forward to. lazy mornings, full days full of nothingness if you’re lucky…

so this past friday evening i said to dutch, “what do you want to do tomorrow? it’s saturday, you know…” and of course he kind of looked at me with a blank stare ’cause at 2 it’s not like he can really wrap his mind around the idea of a “weekend” or a “saturday” just yet. so then i threw out a couple of suggestions. i asked if he’d like to visit some friends that we haven’t seen in a while and he shut me down pretty quickly and announced, “no, i wan go chuck e. cheese, mama…”

i just kinda stared at him in amazement because i could not believe at just 2 years old (i mean, he just turned two like a week and a half ago) he’s making requests for chuck e. cheese’s already. already!!

i thought i had time before this all started. i wasn’t asking my pop to take me to chuck e. cheese’s until i was at least like 8 or 9, or maybe even 10, but then again, maybe that’s when chuck e. cheese’s first opened. but still… you get my point, right?

dutch’s daycare provider eva first took him to chuck e. cheese’s when he was around 6 months old. i was totally grossed out about the whole idea because now that i’m a mother and not just a kid trying to score a million tickets playing skee ball… chuck e. cheese’s is just a big ol’ germ pit.

think about it. people take their little gross, germy, snotty kids and just plop them right into that ball pit thingy where they grab at the balls and grab on each other and it’s just disgusting and before you know it your kid has a runny nose and you can’t figure out why. well, the why lives in the nasty ball pit, believe me.

i couldn’t understand why dutch needed to go to chuck e. cheese’s at only 6 months old anyway. i had already warned her against putting my child in the germy ball pit so there wasn’t much else he could do there. but she took him anyway, along with the other kids, and they took pictures and rode on a few rides and the day was done.

other than meeting eva and the kids at chuck e. cheese’s for a going away party for a young girl whose family was planning to move out of state, i haven’t taken dutch there. he only goes with eva and they’ve been a few times.

the seed has been sewn.

there’s no turning back.

let the years of gross pizza and dodging snotty kids in the germy ball pit begin!!