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10 of my good intentions


resolution, smesolution. the advice i’ve seen lately about resolutions in the new year is not to make any. and why, you ask? because no one ever sticks to them. duh!! so i’ve followed that bit of advice that i saw online somewhere and decided to keep a checklist of things in my head that are near and dear to me that are personal goals that i plan to achieve. if i don’t share them there’s no pressure, right? brilliant, i know!!

but i will share my list of good intentions. these are things i intend to do, but if i don’t then, oh well, Lord willing i can give it a go next year. they are so frivolous they won’t make or break me if they don’t happen, but it’d be nice if they do. so here goes.

1. be able to apply eye shadow in a way that i don’t look like i was just jumped by a gang of women in a dark alley. seriously, me and eye shadow do not get along. at all. it’s a combination of my technique and the colors i choose. for some reason i suck at choosing decent colors. and it’s not that i plan to wear eye shadow every day because i’m not a wear makeup everyday kinda chick, but i would like to know how to apply it correctly for those times when i want to bump my sexy up, you know? like on a date with the husband.

sidenote: i wear eye shadow so infrequently that once i had it on and dutch asked why i had dirt on my eye. go figure.

2. learn to make creme brulee. i love, love, love creme brulee. so much so that my husband bought me a “make your own creme brulee” kit years ago. i never used it. never attempted to use it. the torch, however, gets used pretty often whenever my husband decides to light a fire in the fireplace. i’d like to reclaim my torch for its original purpose.

3. touch my toes. nope, can’t do it. [enter your laugh here, go ahead.] so that means that i need to be getting my stretch on like every day, probably several times a day, to be able to master this feat. the feat of touching the feet.

see what i just did?

4. have chutzpah enough to venture into street photography. not because it’s the hip happening thing but because i love to take photos and i love people. i do. but i think it takes a certain amount of balls to just go out and start taking pictures of strangers. should i bring my vaseline in case they wanna fight me? i don’t know! these are the kinds of things that run across my mind when considering street photography. but i’mma do it.

5. take a zumba class. there’s no good reason why i haven’t done this yet. i’m probably the only woman in the whole united states of america who hasn’t done zumba yet. there are several places near where i live that offer really, really cheap classes and i’ve even had a friend ask me to go to class with her but i haven’t yet. mostly i’m afraid of not having enough wind and passing out in front of everybody. it could happen, you know.

6. learn to cook at least five new dishes really, really well. i hate cooking and my family is super picky so figuring out dinner is a huge pain in the butt. but i’d like to have some new dinner ideas to add to the mix that we’ll all just adore so much we’ll lick our plates afterwards and ask for seconds. and trust, five new dishes will be hard because dutch only likes about five things. show me five different ways to cook the five things he likes and you won’t be able to tell me i’m not wonder woman. and no, he’s not budging on his five things. i’ve tried.

7. be nicer. i know, i know…you think i’m great, right? you just couldn’t imagine me being mean. no way!! well, it’s not so much that i’m mean just for the sake of being mean. i just kinda shoot straight from the hip with my family and friends and well, that doesn’t always come across as love. especially when the person on the receiving end didn’t really ask for my advice, but i gave it anyway ’cause i though they were being a kooky kook. but no worries, i intend to shut my mouth before it goes there and let their kooky kook fly. that’s what i intend to do. i promise, it won’t be easy.

8. art journal. i have the books and some of the materials (you know, the markers and pens and stuff) to make this happen, but it just hasn’t. well, it sorta did, but i hated it, snatched out the pages and acted like it never happened. but i’ll restart this year. i think.

9. stop bookmarking and ogling at every cool and super duper fabulous blog i come across. and i come across tons! i’m sure you do too. you find them just by googling a topic, or seeing a tweet on twitter or a picture on instagram. but i’ve realized this past year that for me it just creates a bunch of noise and really blocks my creativity. you land on a site and reading through all the awesomeness and the next thing you know you’re comparing yourself to this person and telling yourself that that person is so much better than you at doing ab&c and then it just becomes a big mess in your head.

i’ve spent too much time lately being inspired by others instead of just doing. i used to do, now i’m an inspiration-gatherer. this must stop. like now.

10. grow my hair into a fabulous ponytail! of course i don’t have much say in the growth rate of my hair, but every once in a while i get the itch to have my hair long again. then it starts looking all wild and funky and i chop it off. this time i intend to stay the course through the wild and funky phase and let this mess grow. we’ll see how this goes.

what do you intend to do this year?

somethin’ that i never did before

yesterday i was in wal-mart (probably my least favorite store on the planet, but it’s about 4.3 minutes from where i live so well, why not…) and i said to myself, “niki, why don’t you make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast?”

now this may not seem like something that would actually take one on the wild side, but it’s wild for me ’cause i ain’t never made a pancake before.

yeah, i know. i know.

and if you’d like to laugh at me further you’ll really get a kick out of the fact that i just bought a roasting pan like three days ago. perhaps i’m finally realizing that i am in fact, an adult.

so anyway, i pulled out my little griddle this morning and threw some bacon on it. everybody in my house may not be huge fans of pancakes, but everybody loves bacon.

then i got my little panny cake batter ready.

you should probably know that right before i started this whole panny cake adventure i googled “how to make pancakes on a griddle.”

i did. don’t laugh.

i’m kinda big on instructions. and you know, i’m glad that i did ’cause i was about to put a rack of oil in the pan. but the instructions i found said to put oil on a paper towel and rub it on the griddle. so i got the bacon off of the griddle and wiped it down with a paper towel sorta like the instructions said to do.

next it was time to pour on the batter.

and don’t ask why they’re different sizes. i’m new to this. that’s why they’re different sizes.

i was a wee bit nervous about flippin’ these things too. i just envisioned batter flinging everywhere and the whole thing just being a huge disaster. turns out it wasn’t. it was all just me. being overly dramatic per usual.

so yeah, the panny cakes came out in varying sizes and shades, but overall i think it was a success. so much so that i made up a little ditty. like to hear it? hear it goes…

panny cake, panny cake…
niki made a panny cake…

and then i just kinda repeated that over and over and over again until i got them all off of the griddle.

dutch came in the kitchen just as i was finishing up and i said, “guess what? mommy made pancakes and it was my first time!!” yeah, i was all filled with excitement and stuff.

and then dutch said, “guess what? i don’t like them!”

time for din din

that’s what my mother used to say when it was dinnertime. oh, blessed days of someone else having to stress over a meal. now it’s my turn and i get to hear:

“so what’s for dinner tonight?”

by my husband, edell.

truth of the matter is our options are quite limited. not only am i not the best cook in the whole wide world, but we’re such picky eaters and really only enjoy the basics. i’m talking about the serious up basics:

chicken (fried, baked, bbq’d or broiled. but only white meat. no thighs and drumsticks for my man.), steak, spaghetti (which my husband is growing quite tired of…), chili, stir fry (with chicken or beef)… things along those lines.

oh, dinner time is sad up in our house.

i like salmon. he doesn’t. he likes black eyed peas, green peas, and lima beans. i don’t. there are a lot of things that i don’t like (like anything with a weird texture: oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, jello, cream of wheat), but mr. edell doesn’t like BREAD, people. who the heck doesn’t like bread??

and he doesn’t like ketchup either. or watermelon. or homemade macaroni and cheese. or candied yams (which i love).

neither of us drink milk.

our pickiness has trickled right on down to dutch. he basically only likes rice, fried chicken, egg noodles, french fries… and that’s about it. maybe a hot dog here and there. sometimes he’ll eat broccoli or spinach. but not often enough. oh, and eggs. he really, really likes eggs.

he has pulled me out of my sleep at 2 a.m. with a “mama, i wan’ eggs…” request.

dutch also likes to chew on bacon like it’s some kind of tobacco. he forms one huge ball of it in his mouth and then carries it around in his mouth and sucks on it. he’ll eventually spit the mass out wherever he sees fit at the time, but that’s another story for another day.

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