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lobster taste on a fish stick budget

your child is showing early signs of being a dc area native when at two years old he requests crabs for dinner.

on the ride home one recent evening…

dutch: mama, i want trabs.

mama: huh?

dutch: trabs.

mama: what dutch? [turning down the radio ’cause he’s talking so daggone low.] i can’t understand you, honey, speak up!

dutch: i want trabbbbbbbbbbbbbs!!

mama: oh, crabs?

dutch: yes.

mama: well honey, we don’t have crabs at home, but how about i make you some fish sticks?

dutch: okay.

we were riding for a couple minutes when we landed right near a red lobster.

dutch: right dere, mama. i want trabs.

mama: oh dutch, that’s not a crab, that’s a lobster.

dutch: i want a lobser.

mama: yeah, i bet.