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make yo’ own :: jeweled ribbon headband

the longer my hair gets the more i feel i need to do something with it. it’s not long enough for one of those cutesy top buns just yet, but i can toss a headband on and this jeweled one (diy tutorial by whimseybox) is just the thing to knock my curly fro’ up a few notches for a funky look. and hello!! it’s so daggone easy to make. i’m actually not the blingiest person on the block, but i imagine you can go wild with trinkets to add to ribbon.


DIY Jeweled Ribbon Headband from Whimseybox on Vimeo.

oh, and in case you’re not familiar, whimseybox is a monthly craft subscription service where you sign up, pay 15 bucks a month and get all kinds of fun diy/crafty stuff. there’s also a crafting community on the site.

make yo’ own :: giant tissue paper flowers

okay, i know it seems like i’m on this ginormous kick after last week’s big ol’ pom pom how-to vid, but this might actually come in handy for that wedding i’m planning. and since it might be useful to me, i figured it might be useful for someone else too!

i remember when i was a little girl my pop would let me get a gigantic paper tissue flower whenever we went to king’s dominion. i doubt if they still sell them, but i thought they were the most wonderful things back then. now i can make my own! woot! woot!

here goes…

let your creative side fly

the thing about letting your creativity fly is that all you need is an idea, a few materials and a little space to make it happen.

bowl of glass beadsi’m a maker. i dig making things. i love painting, crafting, doodling, making jewelry…creating stuff. if i could sing i’d make a record, but that ain’t my talent.

but anyway, it’s sooooo important for me to go off of my own creative vibes. it’s so easy to look at something that someone else has created and say, “hey, i can do that!!” but why would you want to? just grab your tool of choice (paintbrush, pen, pencil, camera, sewing machine, needle, etc.) and get busy doing the best to creatively express…you!

my process usually works like this: good music + a glass of wine + table space = creative zone awesomeness. just ask my little family. i zonessssss out!!

and i.need.that. like air, for real.

i’m sure you creatives dig where i’m coming from.

glass charmsometimes my ideas come out great. sometimes not so much. but it’s not always about the end product (and i say “product” loosely, it’s rare that i sell a thing), a lot of times for me it’s the process. seeing what works and what doesn’t. what i enjoy putting together and what i don’t.

and a lot of times your creation is really only a fail because it doesn’t come out the way you had envisioned. and you know, there aren’t really a lot of wrongs in being creative (unless you’re trinidad james, but that’s another story) and that’s what’s so fly about it.

so when a piece doesn’t come out the way i dreamed it up in mind, i usually take off in another direction to create something else. or trash it.

whatever works.

spottedi have tons of ideas. an overwhelming amount of them. sometimes i think/dream up so many things that i can do that i get exhausted. for real!! then i end up doing nothing.

painted thingsbut i’m learning to do what i can, when i can and not pressure myself to do everything at once. i jot down my thoughts then take my time creating them.

let the creativity flow naturally.

more painted thingsand every once in a while, i’ll create a thing that i absolutely love.

5 ways to jazz up your home

just like a kazillion other folks i love pinning crafty stuff! i’m sure one of these days i’ll actually get around to making some of this stuff, but until then i’ll keep collecting these cool ideas. if you’re into getting your hands a bit dirty (or paint-y/glue-y), here are 5 ways to jazz up your home.

diy antiqued mercury mirror glass as found on 17 apart

Source: 17apart.com via niki on

diy cement planters as found on ruffled

Source: ruffledblog.com via niki on Pinterest

diy painted ikea rug as found on charm home

Source: charmhome.blogspot.com via niki on Pinterest

sharpie’d fabric attached to the wall as seen on numbered street designs

Source: numberedstreetdesigns.blogspot.com via niki on Pinterest

cross stitch chair as found on my poppet

Source: mypoppet.blogspot.com.au via niki on Pinterest

abbey hendrickson :: handcrafted drink markers

i recently stumbled across aesthetic outburst and i love artist abbey hendrickson’s crafty style. being a bit of an artsy crafty chick myself, i saw a few things on her site that i might just give a whirl like these super cute drink markers. abbey created these as part of her 20 in 20 challenge where she crafted 20 handmade projects in 20 days.

being a mama, i seriously don’t know how she finds the time! i can barely eek out a minute to take the chipped polish off my nails. but anyhoo, check out the cool drink markers…