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the deadly nectarine

last week i bought all kinds of fruit: canteloupe, grapes, grapefruit, apples, oranges, nectarines… just all kinds of stuff to keep me snacking at work in a healthy way ’cause remember i’m on my way to fly-i-vity!! and not only that, i also like to send dutch fresh fruit to daycare instead of always packing those half-dead looking fruit cups. so friday, along with dutch’s lunch, i packed a nectarine. i figured it would be a challenge for his daycare provider eva to actually get him to eat the thing because my boy isn’t really into that new new type of fruit. he basically only likes things that he knows and he doesn’t know nectarines.

i packed the thing anyway.

then ten minutes before it was time for me to leave work for the day i got a call from eva’s home. my first thought was that something had happened to dutch because it was unusual for me to get a call from eva that close to the time i’m scheduled to pick him up, but it was eva’s oldest daughter calling to say that there had been an emergency. her mother had choked on something she had eaten, she couldn’t breathe and she was acting really strange. her daughter said that she and her brother had called 911 and they needed me to come get dutch as soon as possible.

needless to say, i was on my way.

i sped the entire way, praying the whole time that this woman would be okay. eva has a husband and three children, “and Lord, aside from her lovely family, it’d really be nice to have the same healthy daycare provider on monday that i dropped my son off to on friday.”

is it terrible that i was also praying nothing would terrible would happen to her because my son absolutely adores her, her family and the other kids that attend the daycare and i’d hate to find another place to take him? welp, if it is…too bad.

anyway, i pulled onto eva’s street and there was a rescue squad vehicle and a fire truck in front of her home. (why do fire trucks always arrive for stuff like this?) eva’s two daughters, her best friend, another parent and her child, and dutch were all standing in the doorway when i arrived and boy, was dutch excited. his eyes were gleaming with joy as he pointed out the big red fire truck to me.

i asked eva’s oldest daughter what was going on and she told me that eva had eaten a “nectar” and then she began choking. she said that the rescue folks thought that maybe she had had an allergic reaction…

to dutch’s nectarine.

eva’s best friend wasn’t buying it though. she said that she had seen eva eating a nectarine many times before so she knew for a fact that it couldn’t be that. she said she knew that eva was allergic to apples and bananas, but not nectarines. but the paramedics weren’t say much. so we all stood there just watching the truck until eva’s son jumped out of it and ran towards the house to give us an update. he said that she seemed to be doing okay, but that she had been given an iv because of her reaction to the nectarine. then right when dutch and i were getting in the car to head home, the rescue squad truck was pulling off to take eva to the hospital with her 16-year-old son sitting right in the front seat.

the next morning eva called to tell me she was fine. then she explained how she had cut a small piece of the nectarine and held it up to her mouth to show dutch that he should try some. she said she didn’t even eat a piece of the fruit, but that a small bit of juice from the nectarine went down her throat and when it did her throat started itching. she drank some water, but it didn’t help at all. next thing she knew, her throat was closing up and she could barely breathe. and not only that, her neck began to swell. she first told her children that she could drive herself to the hospital, but it’s a really good thing (i mean, praise the Lord) that her children called 911 instead because she probably would’ve died on the way there.

the doctor referred eva to an allergist to find out exactly what foods she’s allergic to, but one thing’s for sure, i’m leaving the deadly nectarines at home from now on.

first report card at daycare

this morning was my first parent/daycare provider conference with dutch’s provider eva. you know, it’s sorta like a parent/teacher conference at school only we discussed how much of his lunch he eats, whether or not he stays seated during story time and if he digs in his diaper a lot during the day.

my genius son received glowing reports on how smart he is.

“he picks up things really quickly.”

“he’s my little helper.”

“he’s talking so much.”

and then came the…well, not so good stuff like how dutch likes to hit the other children from time to time and how he likes to boss them around, and of course he wants what he wants when he wants it. and yes, i’m sure most 2-year-olds are a bit like this, but for some reason it just seems like my child takes it to an entirely new level.

for instance, last night i was watching television and dutch said, “i want juice, mama. give me my juice.” i’ve told him time and time again to ask politely and say, “may i have some juice, please?” but he’s stubborn and he likes to do things his way. so next he grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his and said, “look at me, look at me! i want juice, mama!”

hmmmmmm… this could be a problem, no?

especially when after the other day i told him he couldn’t play with a toy while we were trying to get dressed to leave and he told me that he was going to beat me up. imagine that. a three-foot tall 2-year-old (not even two and a half, people!) said he was going to beat me up. and that wasn’t enough!! he made a song about it!

wanna hear it? here it goes:

“i’mma beat you up, baby… i’mma beat you, baby…”

i have no idea where my child gets this stuff from, but i do know that he has an active imagination (already) and that his playing with his 12-year-old big brother gets a little too physical sometimes which is why i believe he thinks that hitting is okay. as a matter of fact, he usually injures his big brother at least one good time every time my step-son is over to visit. we all kinda laugh it off when it’s happening, but my husband and i are realizing that that’s probably the root of our little problemo. especially now that dutch is coming home from daycare naming all of the kids he’s hit during the day.

“mama, i hit sarah.”

“mama, i hit sasha.”

“mama, i hit marquis.”

who knew a toddler could show such aggression?

he’s not seriously hurting kids at daycare, don’t get me wrong. although there was that one time that he hit the eva’s 4-year-old in the head with a cup and caused a big knot that swole up pretty quickly. but it was just that one time. mostly there’s just a lick here and there or a shove, but we know we have to get this under control. and get it under control now.

a girlfriend of mine has a son who’s two months older than dutch and he’s going through this hitting phase too. maybe we should just let them duke it out!! you know, get little boxing gloves and show it on pay-per-view. we’d make a killing! i could just see it now…

daycare drama? don’t start none, won’t be none…

two years old is such an interesting age. dutch has an entire vocabulary of words. some are made up (i like to think of him as like an e-40), some are dead on correct and clear and some of it still a bunch of mush that no one can really distinguish.

he started out with the basics: mama, dada, dutch (yes, his own name was actually one of his first words, go figure…), bird, woof-woof and so on and so forth. then he started to string them and form sentences. how exciting!! that brings me to last tuesday morning. we were heading out the door on our way to daycare. late as usual. he was searching for a last minute toy to grab (a little car ride entertainment) and i was searching for my keys (again, as usual) and trying to make sure that i had everything we needed when dutch stood firmly in front of me, looked up, and said, “i don’t wanna go eva’s…”

eva is his daycare provider. a kind and loving woman from ghana who has done daycare for over 12 years and who loves our son to pieces. she always called him the “prince” and it’s something i think we’re paying for today, but more on that later.

“you don’t want to go?? why?”

as if my child could actually articulate a “why” i asked over and over… “but why, dutchie, why?? did something happen at eva’s? tell mommy.”

of course he didn’t go into a long explanation of why he just kept repeating “i don’t wanna go eva’s.” the whole way to eva’s he repeated, “i don’t wanna go, eva’s… i don’t wanna go, eva’s… and he was still saying it as we pulled into her driveway and around to her front door. i explained to him that i had to go to work and that i’d be back to get him as soon as i could. and he responded with his usual, “o-tay, mama…” sounding sad and the whole nine.

the more and more i thought about dutch saying he didn’t want to go the more and more concerned i got. i’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories and crazy things that happen at some daycare centers. the abuse that sometimes happens. the lack of attention. the intense punishments. the yelling and cursing. all that. so i decided that when i got to work i’d give eva a call to find out just what happened on monday that made dutch not want to come back. but first i emailed my husband.

if you know my husband, you’d be surprised at how cool he was when i first explained how the morning went. he figured that it was all a part of dutch working out his new vocab and that everything was probably fine.

then i called eva and she assured me that dutch’s day had gone swell and that he didn’t want to leave when his daddy came to pick him up the day before.

so why’d he say he didn’t want to go? well, i figure that he probably just thinks we ditch him at daycare so we can come back home and watch tv all day and eat popsicles. i mean, who wouldn’t want to stay home and watch “hip hop harry” and “calliou” all day? not to mention we keep a stock of popsicles and eva doesn’t.

i’m sure a lot of words like “work” get lost in translation when you’re talking to a 2-year-old. i remember distinctly when i was in the 2nd grade and my teacher said that she was going on a diet. i was horrified. not because she didn’t need to lose the weight, but i truly had no clue of what a diet was. i thought a diet meant going on a cruise vacation. i can recall picturing her on a huge white ship that looked much like the love boat. and the worse thing about this “diet” was that i thought it meant we’d have to have a substitute teacher and being the little nerd that i was, i hated subs. so you just never know what a child is thinking.

after work i went to pick up dutch and he was his normal, cheery self. it was if he had totally forgotten that he had been stuck at the one place he didn’t want to be all day. once we got situated in the car and were on our way home i asked him how his day went and he said, “mama, i wan go to eva’s…”