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earth, wind & fire :: september

dutch just discovered earth, wind & fire a few months ago and there for a minute he was requesting to hear them every day. one of his absolute favorites is “september”! one day recently after summer camp he told me a teacher caught him singing an ewf song and shocked that my kid was a little bit of an old school head, he asked, “dutch, are you singing earth, wind & fire??” haha!

i love it.

this one is for you, dutchie!

ba de ya, say do you remember/ba de ya, dancing in september/ba de ya, never was a cloudy day…

sheila e. drum solo

i just had to put this one up too!! sheila e. is sooooo fierce on the drums!! check out her drum solo on “glamorous life.”


sheila e., her father the latin jazz great pete escovedo and brothers juan escovedo and peter michael escovedo are the e family. they have a cd out titled now & forever that’s sold exclusive on the official e family website. it features jazz legend george duke, gloria estefan, raphael saadiq, joss stone, israel houghton and earth, wind & fire. see sheila and her dad pete’s performance at the white house below.