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only in dc :: go-go zumba

i saw someone post a pic about go-go zumba on instagram and i was all like, “weerrrrrrrdddd?? where?” if you are from (or have been to) the dc area and know anything about go-go it’s not hard to imagine how this idea would offer a great workout. in fact, the creator of this workout, dani tucker, said they burn 1,300 calories during each class!

i googled to get more info and found that go-go fitness’s z go-go holds classes all around the dc area and for just five bucks!! the schedule of classes can be found on their site. i also found this video on youtube to give you all a little peek at how it goes down during go-go zumba.

workouts will make her dizzy

so…new year, new body, right? even if you didn’t make the official resolution to lose weight or work out chances are being physically fit is on your mind. and if it ain’t on your mind it’s on your best girlfriend/coworker/mama/cousin/aunt’s mind. you or someone you know wants to lose this or tighten that. i know i do. not worrying about suckin’ in my tummy if i’m wearing a fitted shirt would be pretty nice and i’m sad to report that the days of eating what i want without exercising have long gone.

*enter cry here*

that doesn’t necessarily mean that i woke up at 6am on 1/1/13 to get my fitness on. nope, sure didn’t. it wasn’t until yesterday morning (on a tuesday no less, who starts ish on a tuesday?? niki does…) that i woke up with a huge “W” on my chest.

W” is for wonder woman in case you’re wondering.

i was finally ready to kick off this fitness routine and bang it on out. to be completely honest, i felt as if i had no choice. my sister does almost daily twitter check-ins with me and a few of her girlfriends asking how our workouts went and well, i beginning to feel a bit lame that i hadn’t even started. she sent me an email last week about these fitness chicks over at tone it up who have crafted a plan, called love your body, to be fit by valentine’s day. silly me, said, okay, i’ll do it!! and then i didn’t.

truthfully, after checking out the tone it up app/site my excitement waned a little. helloooooo, these girls are clearly a good decade (maybe a decade and a half) younger than me!

see what i mean? they look so good ’cause daggoneit, they’re supposed to, right?! give me someone who has experienced the dreaded metabolism slow down after 30, who’s had a kid or two…something. has nicole murphy released a workout video yet? that’s what i’m talking about.

but since i wasn’t doing anything to kick off this fitness thing myself, i figured, well, why not go with this thing she suggested? and who knows, those tone it up chicks could very well be over-30 mamas.

and so i started with the tone it up itty bitty bikini workout. it was the first thing i stumbled across on their app (which is not very user-friendly, in my opinion).

yoga mat

i locked my charlie pup up (’cause he always gets in the way during floor exercises like he’s my personal trainer or something), threw on a tee and some sweats, rolled out my mat, and for the next several minutes i cursed every cheeseburger/french fry/krispy kreme donut/chocolate-y thing/salt ‘n vinegar potato chip/tall glass of simply lemonade with raspberry/bowl of mac ‘n cheese and candied yams/slice of pizza/strawberry shortcake/strawberry daiquiri/strawberry milkshake/strawberry flavored now & later that EVER passed my freakin’ lips!!

i cursed it all.

i really wanted to cry long streams of hot, burning tears because that. ish. HURT!! it hurt so bad that once i was done i wanted to reward myself with two big ol’ scoops of haagen dazs coffee ice cream with extra whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles (’cause yes, i have all that here in my home) just to ease the pain, but i figured that would be…well, dumb. but i didn’t. i pulled my aching body up off of the floor and plotted my next move.

must’ve been because of that “W” on my chest.

i was pumped!! ready!! sore but ready!! i decided i’d hit the gym. yeah!!! walk (briskly!!) on the treadmill for two miles or more!! woohoooooo!!


okay, two miles is quite a distance. did you know that? you probably do. you’re probably the type that runs like 15 miles a day. well, i’m not talking to you. i’m talking to the person who is pretty sedentary. the one who, like me, counts scrubbing the tub, walking up the steps at home, strolling around target and even having sex as exercise. and it is, sorta, but it ain’t like getting on the treadmill.

i jumped on that sucka with my mp3 player plugged into my ears, music bumpin’ and my bottle of water right at hand. i started off slow. like, real slow, with my incline low. i’m a lightweight on the treadmill and i’m not afraid to admit it. then i bumped up the speed a couple notches, raised the incline. 20 minutes later i finally got to the one-mile mark.

i was tired and sweaty and looking a hot mess i’m sure but i was glad that i had made it that far. it was more than i did the day before so yaaaayyyyyyyyyy, me!!

i hear you sucking your teeth. whatever.

my doc said exercise for 20 minutes a day and i did. so yaaaayyyyyyyyyy me!

i punched in the cool down mode and started bringing it on home, but when i got off the treadmill i had this wobbly leg thing going on and i felt dizzy as all get out! you know the feeling you get after exiting a roller coaster ride? yep, it was pretty much like that.

thank goodness no one was in the gym at that time to witness the dizzy chick trying to make it over to a chair to get her bearings. or notice that even once the dizzy girl stood up she was still kinda…well, dizzy.

i don’t know exactly where that feeling came from…maybe the big ol’ cup of extra strong coffee i had just before? or perhaps my body was trippin’ like girrrrrrrllllll, you know we’re supposed to be home on the couch right now web surfin’ for jobs. or it could be an inner ear thing. i hear that causes dizziness. whatever it was, and i’ve been to the doctor recently so it’s not a blood issue, it wasn’t right so i’m thinking today i’ll be hitting the sidewalk.

i will kill your yoga experience

i just saw this clip of ramona singer from housewives of new york doing yoga with her daughter, and as much as she drives me nuts on that show i have to admit that when it comes to yoga i’m just like her.

yep, sure am.

i tried yoga once. just once. and i’m quite sure i ruined the entire class for every single person there. i was just as chatty as ramona in the clip, yabbering on, complaining that i couldn’t do the moves. wondering (loudly) how EVERYONE in the class was able to do the moves but me. not that i should’ve been all that surprised. i can’t even touch my toes. well, i can but i have to bend my knees first.

so anyway, i’m pretty sure i was blowing everyone’s zen experience and the teacher probably wanted to kick me out. it was cool though, i had decided after the first five minutes or so that yoga would never be my thing. and if i do ever try it again, i promise all of you hardcore yogaheads that i will do it at home.

beyonce :: move your body {flash workout routine}

first lady michelle obama and beyoncé have teamed up for the let’s move! campaign against childhood obesity and here’s the video for the new “get me bodied” remix. at nabef.org you can download the full instructional video. so move your body!

if you have a child in middle school you should know that on tuesday, may 3, 2011, 1:42 p.m. eastern and across time zones (12:42 p.m. central, 11:42 a.m. mountain, etc.) students are encouraged to participate and perform this flash workout in order to raise awareness about the importance of having a healthy, active lifestyle.

trying to fight jelly and cat chiarelli ain’t helpin’!

okay, so it occurred to me almost 3 weeks ago after seeing this victoria secret’s ad…

i’m a fatty.

i know a lot of people (okay, a lot of women) look at these models and think these girls are unhealthy little rails and that no real woman should want to look like that, but daggone it years ago that was me! i was the skinny chick! the one that could pick up anything in a store and know for sure it would fit. and look pretty good in it too.

and do you know that i even had the audacity to be on a “get fat” diet at one point in my life? sure did!! i was eating bread and drinking protein shakes like nobody’s business trying to gain weight.

but there’s no need to “get fat” now. i’ve got it honestly. and it’s nobody’s fault but my own. after i gave birth to my son five and a half years ago i did absolutely nothin’ to lose weight. unless you count nursing and that actually did help some, but i didn’t exercise a lick.

so now i’m finally fed up with my fatty-ness. in fact, i know that if i don’t tame jelly (my wanting to eat every piece of junk/fried food in sight alter ego) i will forever have this muffin top. it ain’t cute. jelly’s got to go ’cause she’s not wanted here no mo’!

i’ve signed up to my fitness pal thanks to my cousin who recommended it to me and i’ve been counting calories like a mad person. i’ve  also been going to the gym. okay, so i’ve only been to the gym a couple times BUT i’ve been exercising with the wii. and that counts, right? i almost bought a yoga dvd the other day until i remembered on demand on my verizon fios. why pay for a dvd when i have access to fitness tv?!

and that’s what brings me to cat chiarelli (of crunch gym/exercisetv fame). you see, i found her sexy stretch workout and figured i’d give it a go. i mean, a sista needs to stretch and why not add a little sexy to it, right?

i did great in the beginning and then started to fall apart just lil’ bit closer to the end and when cat did this…

honey, it was a wrap!! you see that?? this child’s leg is straight over her head and her daggone foot is hittin’ the floor! what in the hairy hay?

thank goodness that part came close to the tail end because i was some kinda frustrated. to cat’s credit, it’s not like she said put your foot over your head. she said do your best or some mess to make us stiffies feel better about ourselves.

all i gotta say is girl, you know you have to show off like that! now i’m determined to master this workout. i probably will never ever be able to get my leg over my shoulder. (i mean, really, can you? never mind, don’t answer that ’cause if you can i’ll just be even more jealous.) but i can get close.

or at least sorta close.