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basketball is his favorite sport…for now

i used to joke with my husband when i was pregnant and say, “watch, i’m going to be that mama involved in everything!!! i’ll be the pta mom, the soccer mom…” i just rolled off a million things that seemed simple to do to a mom who hadn’t yet given birth.

well, i’m not a pta mom. and so far, i haven’t been a soccer mom either. not for a team anyway. we enrolled dutch in a soccer basics activity when he was three, but he was kinda young quite to get the gist of it. first of all, i signed his up for british soccer complete with british coaches. dutch could barely understand them.

we tried tennis too and tee ball, but he really has a passion for football and basketball. he played basketball last spring and we’re seeing lots of improvement in his game already. my husband and i weren’t too sure if he’d want to play again after the last season because soon after his last season he announced, “i’m never playing basketball again. i retired!!!”

but oh…after football season ended, he was ready to play again.

basketball booyahhis team lost their first game of the season by quite a few points, but the next game they came back stronger and it was pretty intense. who knew basketball with a bunch of seven-year-olds could be intense?!!

the game went into overtime and then one of dutch’s teammates scored two points and after that dutch came with another two points to seal the win. there’s nothing like watching your child doing something that he loves, and doing it well to boot!

quite exciting indeed.


never been a football fan ’til now

football. i’ve never been a fan of the sport. never paid any attention to any particular team, never cared who made it to the playoffs. at high school football games i chatted up my girlfriends the entire time and barely glanced over at the field. when i got older and hung out at sports bars with friends it was mainly just to socialize. for me, anyway.

i wouldn’t know a cornerback from the quarterback. a tight end from a wide receiver. as a matter of fact, i just found out recently how many points a team gets for a touchdown.

superbowl? child, please… surely, there’s something else on besides these grown men in tight pants barreling each other down and chasing a ball up and down a field.

but now that dutch is playing, everything has changed. i’m HYPE!! you hear me?? i’m all into some football.

i’m sure i’ve driven my husband nuts with all my crazy football questions like, “wait, did the coach just say they can grab ankles in a tackle?? that’s allowed??!!”

dutch and my husband looking over in my direction.

dutch played his first game last weekend and there i was yelling at the top of my lungs up and down the sidelines, as if i really knew what the heck i was talking about.

well, yelling and half listening to other parents comment on the game so maybe i could learn a thing or two.

all i know for sure is if the other team has the ball, we need to tackle whoever is running with it to stop him. and if we have the ball we need to be getting to the goal line.

it is called a goal line, right?

clearly, the correct wording doesn’t matter to a mama cheering for her son and his team. shoot, i still don’t know offense from defense. didn’t realize until someone informed me that when i kept yelling to that child last saturday to keep running the ball that he actually couldn’t because he had gotten a flag for some reason unbeknownst me.

all i know is that when the coach has the kids in a huddle and he’s yelling, “how y’all feel?” and the kids shout back, “FIRED UP!!” i’m feeling pretty fired up too. excited about this sport that i never would’ve imagined in a million years that i’d be amped about.

no, i really don’t know what the heck is going on, but what i do know is dutch’s first game was the best game i’ve ever seen. and i can’t wait until the next one.



football practice pants. they get pretty daggone filthy with all that mud, dirt and grass stained all over them. i’m sure they’re funky too. i wouldn’t know because when i’m carrying them to the washing machine i tend to keep them an arm’s distance away from my nose.

one day recently before practice, i handed dutch his bright and sparkly white football pants (thanks to my handy dandy stain stick) and he said to me, “mom, you washed them??” ummmm, yeah. then he added, “they’re supposed to be dirty.”

hmmm…i guess that’s item #174 on my list of things i don’t know about football. the pants are supposed to be dirty. check!


one camera and two goofies

i’ve been chasing my child around with my camera since the day he was born. in his first year i had over 2,000 pictures.

stalker-ish much? you know it.

now i’ve got a handy dandy camera remote thanks to the husband and there’s no need to chase dutch around. now all i have to do is get him to sit still for a few minutes. and that’s just what we did last week ’cause… well, we ain’t have nothin’ else to do.

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

it didn’t take him long to master the whole self-portrait thing.



the snake that keeps growing & growing

dutch and i were in rite aid when he picked up a toy snake and asked if he could have it. at first i told him no, but when i realized it was 50% off and only two bucks i went on ahead and told him okay.

when we got in the car dutch said that we needed to put the thing in water. huh?? why does a toy snake need water?

i probably should’ve paid more attention to the packaging when dutch tossed it up on the counter so i could pay for it. you know, the part of the packaging RIGHT THERE ON THE FRONT with the kid holding a gigantic snake up and the part that said when you put the snake in water for five days it grows to over four feet long!


silly mama.

toy snake that grows


the vacationless vacation

i had an entire week off (yayyyyyyyy!!) with my 5-year-old (enter sighs and plenty pity here).

don’t get me wrong. i love love love spending time with the little one, but an entire week with an energetic half-decade old little boy means there was little rest to be had. and i needed rest. a lot. still do.

all throughout the week there were the endless questions and requests from dutch:

“mommy, can i have a popsicle?!” (at 9am, every morning.)

“mommy, can i play another video game?” (after playing 5 others for about 2 minutes.)

“mommy, can we go to the pool? the sun is out so i think it’s hot outside.” (in december. in the dc area.)

bang bang banging on the door while i was in the bathroom.

me: dutch, i’ve told you about banging on the door while i’m in the bathroom.

dutch: i’m not banging, i’m knocking because i have a question.

me: (sighing. again. for the zillionith time because some things just aren’t worth arguing.) what’s your question, dutch?

dutch: how old is God?

me: He’s an infinite age, dutch.

dutch: oh, i just wondering since His birthday was the other day.

yep. this is the kind of stuff i get from my kid all the time. it’s good. i’m glad he’s a thinker and all that. but geez louise, sometimes it’s plain ol’ exhausting. that’s why it’s good to break up all that thinkin’ with some kind of brainless activity. like going to the air & space museum. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, right?

well, he hated it.

dutch started complaining as soon as we stepped in the building. then after walking around for about 2 minutes he said, “mom, i thought you said you were taking me to the most fun place ever?? (’cause yes, i have to admit that this is how i described the place.) this place isn’t fun! where are the video games?!”

i’m like, video games?? boy, don’t you see that space shuttle over there??

he wasn’t impressed.  actually, i wasn’t either. it didn’t seem as fun as it was when i was a kid, but it was his first time. he was supposed to be excited!! but he wasn’t. deflated my lil’ balloon, but whatever.

see, what he really wanted to do that day was go to the mall. to play in a play area that his daycare provider used to take him to. oh, and to ride a “roller coaster.” i told him i’d take him the next day.

i had no idea what roller coaster he was talking about. i mean, really? a roller coaster? in the mall? but after pointing out exactly what entrance we should park near, and pointing to the exact door we should walk through, he walked right down the hall to this…

this simulated roller coaster video game that cost me 4 quarters and lasted for about 1.25 minutes. if that. apparently, this is waaaaaay more exciting than some ol’ lame air & space museum.

we then made our way over to the play area where kids were running around shoeless and fancy free. squealing and screaming as i’m sure no parents allow in their homes. this area, dead center of the mall, was an absolute wonderland to these children. they chased each other around, jumped up on fake wooden logs, tripped and fell on the padded floor and had a grand ol’ time.

when we were walking out of the mall dutch said, “that was soooooo awesome!!”

yeah, the mall play area.