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the mean mommy

i’m sure we’ve all had moments when we’ve thought our moms are just plain ol’ mean. and silly me to think that i had somehow dodged the dreadful “mean” title. after all, for the last 5 years i’ve been the good mommy, but lately, not so much.

last night i was cooking and dutch wanted to help. he helped pour the orange marmalade and then he poured some water in a pot, but then i ran out of things for him to pour! when i told him i’d take it from there he got upset and told me i was mean.

dutch: you’re such a mean mommy! you think you’re a beautiful girl, but you’re really just a mean girl!

funny how he somehow equated mean with not so beautiful. i hope he remembers that when he starts dating.


dutch visits the library once a week at school and he usually picks the same types of books. either they’re about the military or football or pirates. he recently brought home a book about the marines and after we finished reading it I asked a few questions about the book.

mama: so where do the marines live, dutch?

dutch: at a place that has schools, and stores, and big buildings.

mama: okay, but what is it called? (mind you, the answer is a military base.)

dutch: georgetown?

they just want our money

last night we went to chili’s to have dinner for restaurant night.

restaurant night. it’s a totally new concept for me and the husband. basically a restaurant is chosen by a school, you go, and 20% of your bill goes towards the school.

sweet! a great way to make sure the school has all the dough it needs. if only we could figure out a way to create a restaurant night to get out of debt. but that’s another story.

dutch was totally excited to see a lot of his little kindergarten friends. you know, the same friends he had just seen like 2 or 3 hours before. of course, that doesn’t matter. it’s all about seeing your friends out. at chili’s. on restaurant night.

i just felt bad for all of the patrons who thought they’d have a relatively quiet meal out because it definitely wasn’t happening in chili’s. on restaurant night. with tons of kids who were excited to see each other again. 2 or 3 hours after school.

so yes, it was a wee bit loud. dutch was almost out of control with excitement. and my food kinda sucked, but it was for a good cause! but dutch didn’t necessarily see it that way. the waiter came and brought our check and dutch was pretty loud when he said, “they just want our money!!”

i said, “what? what are you talking about?”

he explained, “these restaurant people. they came over here giving us this fake piece of paper (you know, the check) and they just want our money!!”

our money. as if he was putting in on the check.