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i wanna mush him

you know, sometimes i just wanna mush my 2 and a half year old son dutchie all upside his forehead (and sometimes i do!!).

the other morning i was rushing (as usual) and just trying to get out of the house at least sorta on time. dutch grabbed his shoes so i told him he should try putting them on himself.

mama: dutch, go ahead and try to get one shoe on by yourself.

dutch: [struggles with his shoe and is nowhere even near having the thing on right. and he’s also showing early signs of heavy frustration.]

mama: go ahead, buddy, you can do it. just try!

dutch: [totally frustrated by now.] i can’t do it!!

mama: yes, you can, dutchie. just try.

dutch: i can’t do it!!!!!

mama: dutch, don’t say that you can’t. just try!

dutch: i said i can’t do it, little girl!!!!

round 2 of wanting to mush the child all upside his forehead…

another morning i told dutch it was time to get dressed so that we could make our way to eva’s (his daycare).

mama: come on, dutch. it’s time to get dressed so let’s move it! come on, chop, chop!!!

dutch: i don’t want to. i wanna watch go diego.

mama: well, you’ll have to watch it when you get home because it’s time to get dressed so that we can go to eva’s.

dutch: no, i don’t want to go to eva’s.

mama: okay, well, fine. i’m going to go to eva’s by myself. see you later!!

dutch: bye, mama!! [still sitting on the bed watching television.]

so at this point i figured, i’ll fix him. i’ll leave out the front door and once he realizes that i’m gone and he’s home alone he’ll freak out!! as if i even had time to play these kinds of games in the mornings, but i did. our door closes really loudly so i made sure that the slam was ultra loud so he would know that i indeed had left. so i stood outside of the door waiting to hear the rumbling thunder sound of his feet coming towards the door.

no dice.

so then i thought, well, maybe he’s just standing there quietly at the door, you know, trying to feel me out. so i opened the door and there was no sign of dutch. and why? well, because his little butt was still content watching go diego go on the bed.

i just know that he would’ve missed me though, you know, like 15 minutes later when it was time to refill his milk cup.

round 3 of wanting to mush the child all upside his forehead…

today. i was planning on taking the day off just because daggone it, i need a day off! you know, to think, to breathe, to nap as long as i want and to watch “maury povich” and “oprah”. but my plans sorta changed once i noticed that dutch was coughing and wheezing and just overall not sounding 100%. what can i say, it’s the season for wheezin’ so that means it’s also time for allergy pill poppin’ and albuterol breathing treatments.

oh, spring is definitely upon us.

so this morning daddy noticed that dutch wasn’t feeling all that great:

daddy: you tell ms. eva if you don’t feel well and she’ll call me and i’ll come and get you, okay?

dutch: okay.

daddy: you don’t feel good?

dutch: [dutch shakes his head no as if he really knows what “feeling good” means. i dunno, maybe he does know what it means, but i’m kinda going with he doesn’t.]

daddy: do you wanna go to ms. eva’s?

dutch: no, i don’t wanna go to ms. eva’s.

well, see this is the kicker. daddy leaves before us in the morning so he really doesn’t know that every morning dutch says he doesn’t want to go to ms. eva’s because he would prefer to stay home and watch his vast movie collection. i mean, sure dutch was coughing this morning (and still is), but it’s not sooooooooo bad that he couldn’t really go to daycare. especially since this isn’t a cold so it’s nothing contagious. and sure enough after daddy leaves dutch says this:

dutch: mommy, can we go to chuck e. cheese’s?? to eat pizza?? and to dance??

geez louise, the kid’s a faker already.

late nights and diego to boot!

i kinda had a hunch it was all a bit too good to be true.

my almost 2-year-old son’s bedtime was 8 o’clock on the nose and for about a year and oh, what joy!! after middle of the night wake ups to nurse and early morning rises, my boy had fallen into a great routine. dinner, bath, bed at 8. my husband and i bragged to friends and neighbors…

“oh, he’s in bed at 8 o’clock EVERY night…”

“never fails, he’s yawning by 7:45 EVERY night…”

“your child isn’t in bed until 11 (hee-hee…) i don’t know WHAT i’d do if that were me!!”

something told me that my husband and i shouldn’t have taken so much pleasure in listening to other parents’ bedtime stories. but we did. and now we’re paying for it.

my son first climbed out of the crib about two and half months ago. my husband and i were lounging on the couch, watchin’ a little tv and all of a sudden we heard the doorknob to our bedroom turn. we looked at each other in horror as if we thought some evil spirit had invaded our space and was walking around twisting knobs for the fun of it. but nope. no ghost. it was something much, much worse… an escaped toddler!!

he tried climbing out of the crib once again, but the second time wasn’t as successful. all we heard was a huge BOOM! and then the wailing that ensued afterwards and i knew it was time to lower the crib to last level. if that didn’t work i knew it’d be time to make his go-go gadget crib do what it was meant to do… transform into a toddler bed.

neither my husband or i were exactly excited about our son having freedom. you know, the kind of freedom that you have when you sleep in a bed without railings. it was just too much for my mind to process. it was bad enough that he had outgrown his bouncy seat, then his swing, then his walker… he never cared too much for his playpen so there were only a few places left where i could secure him for a few minutes-his highchair and his crib.

amazingly either lowering the crib worked or he was just so darn tramatized by his fall that he didn’t make another attempt at climbing out of the crib.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! we’ve still got time,” my husband and i thought.

then it happened. my son got sick. if you’re a parent then you know that the one thing that can totally break your heart is seeing your child ill. my son had a cold, but colds usually trigger his wheezing and then there’s the whole nebulizer treatment thing and it’s just icky and i feel so bad for my baby that i tend to spoil him just a wee bit more. so what i did-and trust me, i’m paying big time for it now-is i let him sleep in the bed with us.

oh, silly, silly mama…

it’s been about two months now and getting him out of our bed has been the hardest thing i think i’ve ever had to do. i put him in the crib and then the crying starts. i mean, how long do you let your child cry?? i’m new at this so usually around 15-20 minutes i’m a sucker for the tears and i rescue him. sure, it’s the wrong thing to do. i know. but i do it anyway. and i’ve been doing it. like i said, silly, silly mama…

but then i ran to target about a week ago to buy him some diapers and it hit me!! toddler bedding!! that’ll do it. if his bed looks like a big boy bed (as if he really knows what THAT is) then maybe he’ll want to sleep in it.

and that’s what bring me do this wacko-diego-dom. diego’s a cool character. i guess he’s teaching some great skills and all that. honestly, i don’t know what the heck he’s teaching because i usually tune him out. i find him to be one totally boring kid. but my son lovessssssssssssss diego. and he doesn’t even watch the show that much. i think he just likes the idea of diego. whenever he sees a product with diego on it and he loses his little mind.

“mommy, go-die…” he doesn’t pronounce diego’s name like dee-a-go, it’s more like “day” and i’m pretty sure he believes that “go” is the first part of his name as well. but it’s cool. like i said, he’s almost two so he doesn’t lose any cool points for enunciation yet.

so anyway, back to target. the only toddler bedding they had was this diego stuff. now granted, it was a good idea for me to get it since my son loves diego so much, but i honestly had something totally different in mind for his first “real” bedding set. you know, something like this never mind the fact that it’s $150, i’m just telling you what i had in mind.

but i was desperate. and my mind was running wild. “if i get this diego bed in a bag thing then maybe son will go to sleep in his own bed… i bet it’ll work!!! ibetibetibet!!!” i was so freakin’ excited about my purchase that i drove home like a madwoman. i snuck into the bedroom and got the bedding all situated and then came the unveiling of his “big boy bed”!! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or at least that’s what we thought.

my son wasn’t very impressed by the whole thing. sure it was diego. sure jaguar was there too… sure, sure, sure, mommy.

so now we’re quietly placing him in his bed once he’s fallen asleep.

sure he likes to jump on his new big boy bed.

sure he likes to point out the monkeys and the birds on the comforter.

but he sure isn’t going to bed at 8 anymore.