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the amazing home of marie olsson nylander

i love everything about the swedish waterfront home of interior designer marie olsson nylander. the story goes that marie and her husband visited this home several times before deciding to purchase it. after making the big buy, the couple reconditioned every inch of the 70s built home. and what an amazing home it is! see the video that follows where marie talks about her home.


via freshome

kitty’s divine chair

i mentioned here once before that reupholstering furniture is on my bucket list and these chairs by the divine chair are what my dreams of made of!

well, some of my dreams anyway. just wait till i get a little more square footage. 🙂

designer and owner kitty mcbride pairs vintage finds with fabulous fabrics and voila!! seating for a queen!

2011 was the year of chevron, please leave it there.

Source: flickr.com via Erica on Pinterest


in 2011 (i know, i know, it was just days ago…) chevron was absolutely everyfreakinwhere. and personally, i’m just sick and tired of seeing it.

the zig zag print has been shown on everything imaginable: clothing, walls, shoes, shower curtains, dinnerware (although these plates are rather cute), furniture… i mean, really, it’s just become too much. it’s taking over birthday invitations, nurseries, bedding, jewelry. it has even seeped onto blog and website backgrounds and banners!! and i bet any amount of money that some fool out there got a daggone chevron tat in 2011. i just know they did.

i can’t remember the last time one simple pattern just took over our society. it’s insanity. please make it stop. kill the chevron.

i guess it could be worse. can you just imagine a paisley obsession?

oh goodness…