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november 26, 1983

i’ve been keeping a journal forever it seems. i have just about my entire life all mapped out in various books – my elementary years, my middle school and high school years, tales of boyfriends, the college days, mama experiences… all of it. i have formal journals, binder notebooks filled with lined paper that i hole-punched and locked up with mini padlocks, spiral notebooks… just books and books of thoughts, feelings, and life stories.

i got my very first diary when i was 10 years old and that sucka came with a key!! oh joy!! i thought it was the coolest thing ever. i could write whatever i wanted and then lock up my thoughts in my very own book.

so what the heck was mama jotting down waaaaaaaaaaay back in ’83? well, let’s take a looksy:

November 26, 1983

Dear Diary,

Today we are going to a parade. I hope we have fun. And tommorrow at about 5:00 we are going home.

so i wasn’t much of a speller and my thoughts were kinda brief, but hey, i sealed that date and marked its history forever. i had spent thanksgiving with my best friend and her family down in good ol’ sumter, south carolina and we were going to a parade. woowee!! nothing like a good ol’ thanksgiving parade.

anyway, november 2, 1983 had a far more interesting entry.

Dear Diary,

Today we are about to have music. Harold is talking. Right now Lamont is acting crazy and the teacher is getting mad. Rachel is rolling her eyes. I know she is not rolling her eyes at me because I will KICK HER BUT.

again, not much of a speller, but can’t you see why i went onto to a career in journalism? you see all that in-classroom reporting going on? and honey,┬ácan you tell that the┬ámama is not one to mess with? oh, i was one tough cookie, baby.

what i wish you could really see (and you would if i had a scanner) is the picture i drew of me kicking rachel’s butt. there’s a foot kicking an alien/chicken looking character with a huge butt that’s supposed to be rachel and a bubble coming from her mouth that says, “ouch!” oh, it’s such funny stuff.
so what were you doing back in ’83?