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will i ever have a ponytail? geesh!!

curly hairso here i am, still on my little hair growing journey hoping to have my full, sorta longish, luxurious ponytail someday. as you can see, my hair ain’t quite there yet. it’s heck-a full, but just long enough for a ponytail. an itty bitty, pulled back so tight ponytail that only lasts about five minutes before the sides begin to ache for freedom and bust loose leaving me looking like a frizzy dandelion.

oh, the frustration of growing hair. the in-between phase just utterly sucks. there just isn’t much i can do with it. it’s just kinda there. sticking up in every direction, looking nuts. a lot of days i cover it with a beanie.

beanies are my best friends.

i’m fighting hard against chopping it all off and getting back into my short-do comfy zone. i’m holding tight and envisioning that hopefully one day sorta soon my hair will look something like this…


this woman’s hair is gorgeous!! curls are healthy and poppin’ and flowing in the wind. i luv it!

and if i’m really patient enough maybe one day i can go back to this…

Source: tumblr.com via niki on Pinterest


a girl can dream, right?

hair mask recipe & styling curly hair vids

don’t go thinking this about to turn into a natural hair blog. i promise you, it’s not. 🙂 but i am in the process of attempting to grow my hair out…again. i go through this every fall/winter, tire of it because it looks so wild & insane and then i chop it all off to get back to my happy place.

but this year i’m hoping to have more stick-to-it-ness and a sista needs tips!! so you might see a few more hair-related posts here from time-to-time. as i find good stuff, i’ll share!

i recently found this awesome video by andreaschoice on youtube on making your very own hair strengthening mask using coconut oil and eggs. it’s great for dry, damaged, over-processed hair. she’s super, uber popular on yt so if you’ve looked into these types of videos before, you might already know about her.

but anyhoooo, can i just saw this woman has absolutely gorgeous hair?

in this second video, andrea shows how she styles her curly hair. i chose andrea’s videos because her hair texture is close to mine (only mine is a wee bit curlier), but there are tons and tons of videos on youtube with hair maintenance techniques for all hair types.

use coconut oil for…everything!

last year i started using virgin coconut oil on my hair after reading about the benefits of it on a few natural hair blogs. i’d be lying if i said i remembered which blogs i read the info on because a lot of times i just virtually skate through a bunch of sites, but here are a few natural hair blogs that will give you enough good info to get you started:

what’s the best way to apply coconut oil at curlynikki.com
magic in a jar? the many benefits of coconut oil at madamenoire.com
what’s the best way to apply coconut oil to natural hair at blackgirllonghair.com

but using coconut oil for your hair is just the very beginning, people! there are tons of uses for this stuff from skincare to cooking to helping with ear infections and yeast infections to household uses. i mean, really? who knew? i surely didn’t!! but now i do and i’m sharing coconut use links with you.

122 uses for coconut oil at delicious obsessions
333 uses for coconut oil at hybrid rasta mama
how to use coconut oil on the face at livestrong
cooking with coconut oil at nytimes
more than 101 reasons to use coconut oil as a home remedy to improve your health naturally at natural news
can applying coconut oil reduce hair loss? at daily glow

go get you some!

she’s so curly

my hair has been super curly forever. unless you count the times when it was pressed, permed, flat ironed or wrapped till it was bone straight, but the straightness never lasts long. i’m talking a week tops because as soon as it gets wet it’s curling some kinda way. but don’t get it twisted, i’m not a part of the natural revolution. i’ve had this hair all my life so i’m not going to start singing its natural praises now. i’m in more of the whatever-works-for-you camp. if it’s a weave/wig/perm/afro/twists/blow out/mohawk/locs/bald… whatever. do you!

i’ve been growing my hair out for several months now and i really don’t have an idea of what i want it to look like ultimately, but i’m lovin’ these pics of girls and their curls that i’ve been collecting on pinterest.



Source: favim.com via niki on Pinterest



Source: google.com via niki on Pinterest



stylepantry’s folake :: rockin’ it in green

green is not a color that i have a lot of, but fashion designer/stylist folake kuye huntoon rocks it so well as a style icon on chictopia and her blog stylepantry.

i luv, luv, luv her funky style and i admire her fearlessness in her choice of clothing. and that hair is just amazing!

follow her on twitter @stylepantry