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picky grape eater

green grapes.

they’re pretty much a requirement in dutch’s school lunch. the same lunch that he eats every day. green grapes. peanut butter & jelly. peanut butter crackers. maybe pretzels. maybe carrot sticks. maybe a cookie or two. every day.

my child is a very, very picky eater. so picky that sending him to school with lunch money is really not an option because we knew he wouldn’t want anything in the cafeteria. in fact, one day he left his lunchbox in before care and his teacher was nice enough to buy him a peanut butter & jelly sandwich from the cafeteria (she thought his lunchbox was left at home). but dutch didn’t eat it because it didn’t look like the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches from home.


a couple weeks ago i went to the grocery store and the green grapes looked a mess so i picked up the red grapes instead. i mixed them with a few green grapes we had leftover and stuffed them into dutch’s lunchbox, but he didn’t eat them.

“i don’t like the purple grapes!!!”

yeah, yeah, yeah. i kinda figured that would be his response, but for a split second i thought that maybe, just maybe, if he wanted grapes bad enough he’d try the red grapes. but nope.

the next week. the green grapes looked great! and they were huge! i thought, oh, he’s going to love these!! but he didn’t. they came right back home in his lunchbox.

he explained, “i didn’t want those grapes because they were too big!”

the short order cook

i guess that’s what i am. but to know me is to know that i’m actually not a cook at all. in fact, i can pretty much count on one hand the meals i can actually throw down with and i’m not going to share what they are ’cause i mean, it’s all just too lame. but that whole cooking thing changes after you have a child. it actually should change after you get married, but at least my husband is able to warm a pot, you know?

but back to the tot of the house. it’s all good during those infant months. you can pretty much get away with feeding your child just about anything. a jar of this, a jar of that. they pretty much lap up whatever’s offered on a spoon. but my child started singing a different tune around 1. he’d push the bowl away (most of the time on the floor). eventually he started saying, “no” then it was, “mommy, i don’t wan’ it…” and now he makes special requests. great!

this evening i made chili. not that it’s a dutch favorite, but he loves rice and i can usually get away with feeding him other foods as long as it’s served over rice. but tonight, no, dice on the rice. i kept asking, “dutch, are you hungry?” “no.” and that’s not unusual because he rarely ever says yes. and by rarely i mean i think i’ve heard him say it all of three times.

he’s had a runny nose and a little cough so i figured that was the reason he didn’t have much of an appetite. even though i always feel awful when he refuses to eat before bed, but what can i do?? you can’t actually force feed a toddler dinner (can you?). so tonight i put him in bed (my bed ’cause he doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed all of a sudden and that’s a whole different story) and he says, “mommy, i wan’ rice… i wan’ eggs…”

he loves eggs. he requests them all the time. i’m worried about his cholesterol even because i’m sure that a 2-year-old should not consume as many eggs as my child does. but he hadn’t eaten since lunch and it was 9:30 at night when he brought up this whole egg deal. i mean, really… can you deny your child food? it just ain’t right. so i scrambled him some eggs. in fact, the only reason why i have time to write this blog is because he’s in his high chair eating eggs and watching the game on tv with his daddy right now.thank goodness he thinks that meals basically consist of one food item because i sure didn’t feel like peeling and cutting potatoes and frying bacon too.