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the mama with moxie

niki d. is the former editor of a national publication (sister 2 sister magazine), formerly the manager of a now-defunct web community for moms (momslikeme.com) in the dc area, and she’s also formerly single and childless. but alas, her knight in shining (or not so shiny) nikes came through and they married and added another child to their madness (she’s a stepmama!).

mamasgotmoxie.com was created in 2007 as a way for niki d. to express herself creatively, to keep family members entertained with the adventures of her young son dutch and she thought maybe she could make a buck or two in the process. while the first two things proved very successful, she scored poorly on the success chart of monetizing her blog and it’s probably because of her randomness.

she’s okay with that.

this moxie chick digs rainy days, stormy nights, pink cotton candy, her husband’s wicked sense of humor, her son’s laughter, her stepson’s coolness, rockin’ fedoras, pralines and cream ice cream from baskin robbins, actually having time to read a book, songs with beautiful lyrics, burning incense, jeans, jeans and more jeans, not having to cook dinner, extra sweet tea, puffy clouds, driving with all the windows down, big sunglasses, bangles that jangle, long drives, good friends, picture taking, walking on the beach, nyc, ol’ school music, painting, shrimp tacos, watching her son dance, long skirts, short dresses, acoustic guitar, soul music, watermelon, funny movies, writing, conversing with loved ones, bold fingernail polish, artists, period films, long naps, strolling through eastern market, being a mama, white wine and saturday mornings…