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happy 7th birthday, dutchie!

i was a writer before this blog. i know, i know…you can barely tell from all of my typos, grammatical errors, run-on sentences and my obsession with ellipsis. but anyway, after leaving my editorial gig several years ago i was struggling to find my creative self. i mean, majorly struggling! i was a new wife, a new mama, not writing professionally anymore. it was like a tornado had come in and swept through my life and switched things up. only it was a sweet tornado, you know, like a funnel of skittles and cotton candy and strawberry sauce. but still, nothing looked the same anymore.

then i discovered blogging and what do you know, my dutchie had given me a reason to write again. i never intended to be a “mom blogger,” and still don’t describe myself that way. i’ve always just been a writer whose beat, if you will, happened to be her own child. and, of course, any other thing that strikes my fancy.

and why not write about dutch? this boy is crazy funny and witty and super smart and curious and picky beyond belief. he’s honest (too honest, almost – he got that from his dad) and stubborn (all me right there!) and so daggone determined. he’s his own person with his own definitive tastes and likes and dislikes and cannot be swayed. he’s much like his brother in that way and i love that about the both of them.

dutch can be so caring and ultra loving and sweeter than cherry pie in one minute and then drive me completely insane with his strong-willed spirit of steel in the next. this child is the exact opposite of what i imagined he’d be (and i’m sure my husband will agree! haha…), yet his personality has been the most beautiful surprise ever.

i wouldn’t dare try to pin down what i think he’ll be when he grows up, but i’m sure whatever it is he’s gonna be great at it.

happy 7th birthday, dutchie!! i’m sure you’ve got plenty more ways up your sleeve to surprise us.



one camera and two goofies

i’ve been chasing my child around with my camera since the day he was born. in his first year i had over 2,000 pictures.

stalker-ish much? you know it.

now i’ve got a handy dandy camera remote thanks to the husband and there’s no need to chase dutch around. now all i have to do is get him to sit still for a few minutes. and that’s just what we did last week ’cause… well, we ain’t have nothin’ else to do.

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

dutch & mama

it didn’t take him long to master the whole self-portrait thing.



dutch interviews the mama

yesterday my 6-year-old son dutch and i were having dinner and out of the blue he just started rolling off with questions.

dutch: mom, what’s your favorite food?

mama: shrimp. i love shrimp!

dutch: what’s your favorite drink?

mama: ummmm…probably lemonade.

dutch: what’s your favorite fruit?

mama: red delicious apples. oh, and watermelon.

dutch: what’s yaya’s (his grandmother) last name?

mama: (i told him.)

dutch: well, she’s not your mother then because you don’t have the same last name.

mama: no, i married daddy so i have his last name.

he went on and on, but when he asked…

dutch: mom, who’s your favorite character on “basketball wives“?

i almost fell out of my chair laughing!

best friends, eh?

so i mentioned the other day that my 2-year-old son dutch has started to call me his best friend. and yes, it’s cute and yes, it warms my heart every time he says it. well, almost every time. i’m feeling a little manipulated by my best friend now. check this out:

example #1 of best friend manipulation:

mama: [working on her laptop. just minding her own business.]
dutch: [pulling mama’s books off of the bookshelf.]
mama: dutch, i’ve told you not to touch mama’s books. you can get one of your books (that have their very own section on the bookshelf), but i don’t want you bothering my books.
dutch: [still bothering mama’s books and starting to reorganize them by placing them every which-a way on the shelf.]
mama: dutch, don’t do that!
dutch: [cocking his head to one side, furrowing his brow, screwing his lips up a bit, and throwing his hands up…] we best friends!!!

example #2 of best friend manipulation:

mama: [still working on her laptop. just mind her own business.]
dutch: [shutting the laptop, while mama is typing.]
mama: dutch, why’d you do that? you can’t close the laptop while i’m typing!
dutch: [cocking his head to one side, furrowing his brow, screwing his lips up a bit, and throwing his hand up…] we best friends!!!

see, he wants me to believe that just because “we best friends” that i’m just supposed to let him do whatever he wants. now what kinda best friend is that? or maybe he just needs a little attention. i dunno. with 2-year-olds it’s sometimes hard to tell.

abused by my “best friend”

i can count on one hand how many physical fights i’ve been involved in in my life so to be struck on any part of my body is quite a jolt to my system. but somehow my body is becoming accustomed to being hit. you know, a quick knee jab to my chest, or a sippy cup thrown at full force that lands square on the nose, or being smacked in the face (accidentally or not). over the past several months i’ve been jumped on, kicked and climbed like a freakin’ monkey bar.

i’m talking life with a toddler boy.

dutch has gone through several phases of what i would categorize as parent abuse. there was the biting phase that came about while he was nursing. i don’t think i need to go into great detail on this one. my baby had four teeth at four months and those suckers keep on coming in. i nursed for a year. so you can do the pain math. i suppose since he had new chompers he figured why not try them out. on mama.

i suppose i forgave him for all the bites, but then he graduated to trying out the chompers on any body part that was readily available…like an arm or a thigh. these weren’t exactly good times here.

then came the pinching phase. i guess he was learning about textures and the cause and effect of squeezing his fingers together tightly with a piece of human flesh between them. this phase was short-lived, thank goodness, but still painful and oh-so-annoying.

next up, the smacking phase. this one lasted a bit longer than the others. we’d be out and i’d be holding my oh-so-cute son and we’d be having a grand time until he’d start to reach for something that i felt he didn’t need to have, i’d say no, and then i’d get smacked. in the face. you know, in public with people watching.

when you’re child is under one and this happens, there’s really no recourse. i mean, really, what can you do? put him on time out? in his crib? and if your child’s age is supposed to equate to the amount of time that he spends in time out, what do you do for an 11-month-old? sit him in his high-chair for 40 seconds? this whole thing was lost on me.

now most of the abuse that i endure from dutch is more accidental. like when he climbs on me and i get an elbow to the eyeball. or the head butt that occurs after he rushes over to me, climbs over the couch where i’m sitting. but we’ve taught him well, so whenever he causes me a bit of pain (which tends to happen several times in a day) he says, “i’m sorry, mommy…i’m sorry…i’m sorry.” and he’ll give me a little kiss wherever the throbbing is happening in that particular moment from the matchbox car that was accidentally tossed. at my nose.

but no apology he’s given yet can match the one i got yesterday. we were laying on the bed watching shrek and he pulled my neck over to him so that i could rest on his itty bitty shoulder. he tugged my neck so hard that i thought he pulled something and i yelled out “ouch, dutch!!!”

dutch: “i’m sorry, mommy.”

mama: “it’s okay.”

dutch: “i love you, mommy. you’re my best friend.”

it’s hard to feel pain when you’re feeling all warm and sunshiney from the love of your 2-year-old son.