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the brand new heavies :: dream on dreamer

the brand new heavies always put me in my happy place! “dream on dreamer” reminds me of my college days in nyc filled with discovering new friendships (most of which are still firmly in tact!) and an new exciting city.

whenever i hear this song i feel like i’m still in my dorm room, laughing with friends and blasting music. good times…

oh, and i just found out they’ll be here in the dmv on october 22nd at the birchmere! woot!! woot!!

alexandria king street arts festival

i miss it every daggone year, but this year i am determined to make it out to the 10th annual alexandria king street arts festival in alexandria, virginia. september 8th-9th king street is transformed into a huge outdoor art gallery. although i haven’t had the opportunity to stop through yet, i did ride by it one year and it was brimming with goodies…that i spotted as i drove by.

festival scene by alexandria daily photo.

the festival is six blocks of awesomeness featuring over 200 artists from all around the country and abroad.

saturday, september 8th from 10am to 7pm

sunday, september 9th from 10am to 5pm


beads, beads and mo’ beads

i went to winchester (virginia, that is) recently with my family and we stumbled across the cutest little bead shop! actually, it’s not little at all. in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever seen so many beads in one place. i’m talking wall-to-wall beads in every imaginable color. just awesome stuff.

if you’re into making jewelry or anything that requires bead work then the potomac bead company is definitely the place to be.

i was inspired and then some!